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Parka Fabrics

From insulation material such as wool, fleece, thinsulate or goose down, to nylon, cotton and polyester that are a few outer-shell options you have. Possibilities of water-proofing fabrics and experimenting with style elements. We even accommodate synthetic alternatives, with synthetic filling that include primaloft, hollofil, quallofil and others.

Parka Jackets

We'll gladly assist you in choosing colours, fabrics, design elements or go through detail options and ultimately give you a Custom Parka Jacket that is best suited to your individuality and requirements.

Parka Coats

Dealing with parka coats and a wide range of options, we assist you on a one on one basis. Helping you determine what works best, based on style, requirements and living. From colour to design, detailing, filling and function.

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Our Bespoke Process

Our Bespoke Process is truly bespoke to the roots. We may best be described as digital bespoke, following the traditions of bespoke and fusing it with digital technology.

About Custom Parka Jackets

When talking custom parkas, you may want a custom parka jacket or custom parka coat to capture the unique elements of your personality. This is why our made to order parka jackets are a great way to achieve any style, fit, finish or type of look you can think of. We’ll assist you in making the right choices from a variety of options, including custom embroidered women’s parka jackets, from fabric selection to colour, design element and detail. Personalizing parka jackets was never this much fun.

Regarding custom parka jackets or parka coats, we offer you a wide range to choose from. Starting from fabric types and designs to details, colours and any style or size you may be interested in. The Jacket Maker offers you many other alternatives, should custom parka jackets not be your ideal choice. Custom trench coats, denim jackets, custom varsity jackets, windbreaker jackets, custom bomber jackets and an unbelievably broad range of other options that you can choose from.

Just as parka jackets have an unlimited capacity for design or detail, while having the ability to fit your personality and lifestyle, the same can be accomplished with any custom outerwear so why stop at just custom parka jackets. That’s why we encourage you to only make a request and let us handle the rest.