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About Suede Jackets for Men

Suede jackets for men need no introduction, as they have existed along-side some of the most timeless wardrobe pieces throughout history. The Jacket Maker has used this classic as a foundation on which to build a more contemporary approach to highlight a fusion of past and present that will still be relevant in the future. Men’s suede jackets in the UK have been a cornerstone to men’s style particularly men’s winter wear fashion. Only a few elements in men’s apparel have the calibre to match the luxurious looks and feel provided by the soft texture of suede. Whether you’re just going out with your friends or travelling abroad. The smoothness of suede outerwear provides you with a relaxed feeling while still looking stylish. At The Jacket Maker, you will find great variety and range, from cool men’s suede bomber jackets to a professional-looking suede blazer and also suede biker jackets offering an impressive colour palette that moves from brown suede jackets to deep navy blue and white as well as an earthy richness of tan suede jackets for men looking for some wow factor.

Styling and Matching Colours for Suede Jackets

If we look at men’s fashion and clothing styles throughout history, one thing that crops up time and time again is an inclination of many people towards leather jackets, coats, and boots, and it is not without reason. The most significant difference between the old days and the modern era of men’s fashion is the options available. There are way more colours, designs, and styling options available today than there were years ago.

Are Suede Jackets in Style?

Suede jackets are most definitely in style for both men and women due to its lightweight, smoothness and luxurious feel. If you are searching for fashionable attire in the UK, then a Suede style jacket should be at the top of your list. It is a versatile material that can go well with different looks. There are various designs and styles available and continue to grow day by day. Let’s look at a few of the colour and styling options available. Suede jackets or any other leather jackets are traditionally found in black and brown colours, but thanks to the advent of modern processes, there are a lot of colour options for you to choose from. For example, a black suede jacket is an excellent piece of outerwear for dressier settings. Rocking it with a button-down shirt, dark denim and lace-up footwear will give you a professional look.

Blue suede jackets, on the other hand, are champions of the trendy street look. There are days when you just want to look good without having to invest time in thinking about what to wear, and the blue suede jacket fills that role like a charm. Whether you are wearing all-black or all-white, or anything in between, you will not find a colour combination that looks odd with Blue Suede Jackets. The above-mentioned suede jackets are good examples of how alternative colours provide great outfitting opportunities. However, there is something to be said about the style and utility a classic brown or tan suede jacket brings to one’s wardrobe. These traditional hues have stood the test of time and hold a place of their own in men’s fashion. To say that these jackets have remained the same over the years would be inaccurate. Styles like the suede moto jacket have proven the evolution potential these jackets possess and that they can be combined with a plethora of different styles and designs to create masterpieces like the suede bomber jackets.

Custom Made Suede Jackets for Men

Leather jackets used to be just a piece of clothing that men would put on as a barrier between their bodies and the cold of the outside, or occasionally as a fashion statement. As time progressed, all types of clothing have found a new connection with us - a relationship of individuality and self-expression. We believe in the association these jackets can have with the personality of an individual. That’s why The Jacket Maker enables you to choose from an existing ready-to-wear jackets collection or go for something customized that offers unlimited options to personalize your men’s suede jacket any which way you choose.

Why Are Suede Jackets So Expensive?

While suede jackets may appear to be more expensive than their contemporaries, this can’t be any further away from the truth. The processes involved in making a high-quality suede jacket does cost more than an average leather jacket, but the end product is entirely worth it and provides more bang for your buck than any other jacket on the market.