Suede Jackets For Women

A timeless addition to your wardrobe, women’s suede jackets in the UK are not only effortlessly stylish but also unbelievably comfortable like women’s leather jackets. We use real leather to produce exquisite suede jackets for women. The dextrous and meticulous work of our craftsmen cannot be denied as it’s well-executed in the quality and make of the jackets.

Which Is Better: A Real Suede Jacket Or A Leather Jacket?

A women’s suede jacket is a pure luxury whether it be a suede biker jacket, a women’s suede bomber jacket, or a suede women’s leather vest. On the other hand, any other leather jacket like the hooded leather jacket for women or the leather motorcycle jackets for women are a go to daily wear which lasts you a lifetime. If you plan on wearing a women’s brown suede jacket on a daily basis, know that this exquisite outerwear is best to be worn on an occasion. Suede is far more porous than leather, making it more susceptible to stains and less waterproof.

So, if you are picking a suede leather jacket for women then it is perfect for events. Instead of using the outer side of animal skin, which is used for leather, suede is manufactured from the flesh side. The suede has a noticeable nap in comparison to the leather’s smooth texture and hand feel. While suede is more matte in appearance, leather has a gloss to it. In terms of exterior damage, leather is more resistant.

Types Of Women’s Suede Jacket In The UK

The women in the UK want exceptional pieces of clothing thus we have different types of suede jackets for them at The Jacket Maker. From the accent of the jackets to the silhouette and hemline, each women’s suede jacket in the collection is superlative and wonderfully designed. Some provide a more dandy and rustic look whereas others are more cosmopolitan and fashion forward. You will find many styles of suede jackets; suede moto suede, leather biker jacket, tan, fringe, western, vintage, sherpa-lined, suede leather bomber jacket women, navy, cropped and camel, etc. Not to mention a suede leather blazer for women which is perfect for business wear.

The patchwork is done tremendously by outstanding craftsmen, owing to their sheer brilliance as every jacket looks subtle yet eccentric. You have several options to choose from as far as the colors are concerned, you won’t be restricted to only the black suede jacket women’s from the women’s collection. From various shades of brown suede jackets to mocha to dark brown and tan to navy blue and green, the choices are endless.

Which Leather Is a Suede Jacket Made Of?

In the collection, you will find the use of two magnificent types of leather; sheepskin and goatskin suede jackets, one of which is slightly more resilient and robust than the other. Suede has been used to give finishing to these leather types so as to make them more durable and long-lasting. Compared to other types of finishing, suede is softer and ideal for casual to semi-formal settings.

The suede jackets, part of the winter’s collection, are given the quilted viscose lining. This specific inner lining is breathable and helps in giving a supple and luxurious feel to the jackets. In terms of the closure, the jackets are available with a zipper, and some also with a wind flap. The stitching, trimming, and furnishing of the jacket are done in a conventional fashion giving a universal vibe to the outerwear.

Custom Buy Suede Jackets For Women

We offer custom made suede jackets to design your dream suede jacket so take advantage of our bespoke and made-to-measure services to add a more personalized touch to the outerwear; include artwork or embellishments of your choice. You can have a one-on-one session with our in-house stylist to discuss thread work or the hardware of the jackets.

Leather Jackets Other Than Suede Jackets In The UK

We have not limited our set of classic collections to women’s suede jackets. We also deal in the customers’ favorites like the vintage women’s leather aviator jacket which has been in fashion since it was introduced in the US military and does not seem to go out of fashion. On the other hand, we have shearling jacket for women as well which is a total catch for women who like to dress up and make themselves look extravagant.