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About Leather Bomber Jackets For Men

Buy Leather Bomber Jackets in the UK at The Jacket Maker. Explore Our Range of Leather Bomber Jackets For Men In Real Leather in UK. Get Men’s Bomber Jackets With Free Shipping and Made To Measure Option.

Leather Jackets for Men have a rich history going back decades, particularly Leather Bomber Jackets, that are popular globally among all ages and both genders. Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets, in particular, have evolved over the years allowing many across the world to benefit from its varied options, colours and details.

Also known as Aviator Jackets, the British-made Bomber. This is due to a bit of history; when Leslie Irvin moved from Buffalo-New York to Letchworth UK to supply the British Military with Bomber Jackets during most of the second World-War.

Colour Leather Bomber Jackets for Men in UK

Leather Bomber Jackets for Men in the UK have truly come a long way, offering such interesting and unique colours finishes as well as textures that contribute to its popularity among young and old alike. From the Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket that is a mix of Classic Old-world Style and Contemporary Vibes to the modish looking Brown Leather Bomber Jacket that is just as much a favourite as the timeless Black Leather Bomber Jacket.

Tuning in to a more current Men’s Bomber Jacket style, we are quite familiar with the Leather Bomber Jacket with Hood. Designed to function as protection from cold, while contributing a bit of drama to a look that requires a style statement.

Real Leather Bomber Jacket

A leather Bomber is a safe bet for many, having the ability to go with many different looks. However, those in search of a bit of colour, The Jacket Maker carries incredible varieties that include Maroon Bomber Jackets, Brown Bomber Jackets or a Green Bomber Jacket that are all great picks for successful styling. Colours are not the only thing you will find at The Jacket Maker, as the brand offers an impressive range of different materials that include Sheepskin and Lambskin as well as finishes that include but not limited to, Burnished, Distressed, Tie ’n’ Dye to name a few. Not forgetting a spectacular range that includes Suede Bomber Jackets for Men in the UK.

Is a Bomber Jacket good for Winter?

Yes, bomber jackets are good for winter. Offering style as well as function.

Can Bomber Jackets be worn in Rain?

While some bomber jackets have a bit of water-proofing, mostly found in custom pieces, it is not advisable to wear a bomber jacket in heavy rain. Check the care labels on the jacket you have.

Do Bomber Jackets keep you warm?

Yes, bomber jackets do keep you warm, especially if you go for custom pieces that allow you to choose a particular material as well as added insulation for further warmth.

Are Bomber Jackets still in Style in 2021?

Yes, being a classic; bomber jackets continue to be in style in 2021.