A2 Leather Jackets For Men & Women

Many people assume all leather jackets to be shiny and attention-grabbing, which is simply not the case. Sure, you have your loud, angular, and glistening black biker jackets, and even some designs of leather bomber jackets are pretty eye-catching. However, for every b3 bomber jacket with a large and shiny fur lining, you also have the quiet and inconspicuous A2 leather jackets for men & women. These understated jackets offer the functional benefits of traditional leather jackets without taking anything away from your outfits. They act as an enhancement for the clothes you’re already rocking instead of instantly becoming the center of attention. But why would anyone want to invest in a quality leather jacket that won’t even draw much attention to it? Well, the first key benefit of these is for folks who might have to wear them on a regular basis; office workers and college students. They don’t want their outerwear to stand out as that would attract folks who notice and then comment on people who wear the same clothing regularly. There is nothing wrong with owning a capsule wardrobe with minimum clothes but the constant nagging from those people can get annoying petty fast. Secondly, a g1 flight jacket with subdued features is much easier for outfitting than something with an established style and a stable list of “good-looking” outfits like a men’s sheepskin coat.

Ways to Style A2 Leather Jackets for Men

If we had to define A2 leather jackets in a single word, “simple” would be the one. So, the best way to style these simple and back-to-basics jackets is to pair them with equal baseline clothes. Solid colored t-shirts, black and blue jeans, khaki pants, patternless button-ups, and plain leather sneakers are your best options. The best part about picking these fundamental items is that you can arrange them in almost any way you like, and the resulting outfit would look great. For example, you can wear a gray V-neck and black jeans under your black men’s leather jacket, or you can go a bit heavy on color and rock a red Henley shirt alongside bright blue tight-fit jeans. As a side note, these same outfits are also a perfect match for shiny men’s faux fur jackets but for completely different reasons.

Ways to Style A2 Leather Jackets for Women

Styling an A2 leather jacket for women is similar to men in principle but with completely different items. For example, instead of V-neck and crew neck t-shirts, crop tops and tube tops are your best choice. Similarly, leggings, cropped jeans, and skirts are the way to go under women’s leather jackets. A fabulous outfit with these elements will consist of pink flared crop tops, bright blue cropped jeans, and a distressed brown leather bomber jacket for women. Alternatively, you can go with a cream knit turtleneck over a charcoal knee-high pencil skirt and a black shearling jacket for women for an ideal mix of style and professionalism. One combo that you never thought would work is wearing a ma1 bomber jacket on top of a black thigh-high floral dress alongside a pair of knee-high leather boots.

Custom A2 Leather Jackets for Men & Women

Our collection of A2 leather jackets offers a wide array of simple yet extremely stunning designs for both men and women. There is something for almost everyone in this catalog, but this is only the tip of the iceberg as we offer a fully custom jacket-making service as well. All you have to do is provide some contact information, and our design team will guide you through the rest.