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Leather Biker Jackets For Men

Biker jackets are a phenomenon amongst men – originated in the early 30s, this leather garment is an obsession that can be studied and turned into a practicum. Jokes aside, a men’s leather biker jacket is an outerwear that gained immense popularity in the 30s as motorcycle riders embraced it as part of their uniform or protective gear. Its fashionable and rugged appeal established an instant connection with adventure seekers.

Although leather jackets existed before this, it was the leather motorcycle jackets for men that gave this military gear a new meaning. Leather biker jackets for men have two distinct styles – double rider and cafe racer leather jackets. Both are unique and individualistic as their design and purpose slightly differ. Nonetheless, both designs are versatile, classy, and dapper. In this guide, we will discuss everything related to men’s leather biker jackets. Let’s get started.

Men’s Biker Jacket – Key Elements

Leather jackets and leather vests both come in biker jacket style. Both have distinct features that require no fashion degree to understand. Here are the two types of men’s biker leather jackets along with their distinct features and design.

Cafe Racer Jackets

A cafe racer is a leather bike jacket that either has a shirt-style or banded collar with snap buttons (with and without belts). You get high-functional jackets with storage – zippered and flap pockets are integrated, both internal and external. Sometimes, you get flap pockets over zipped pockets for high efficiency and protection of the belongings inside. There is frontal closure made of flexible and unwrinkled zips.

It is available in different linings, finishes, and leather materials. Cowhide and sheepskin leather is the real full-grain leather that is used to construct and exquisitely design these leather jackets. Pull-up and semi-aniline finishes are the best combination for the two respectively. Suede moto jackets are hugely popular and so you’ll also find some jackets either directly made from suede leather or with a suede finish. As for the lining, nylon, polyester, cotton, and shearling are commonly used.

Double Rider Leather Jackets

Double-rider jackets are stylish and super sexy in terms of looks and appeal. Rugged men who love heavy bikes and everything flashy tend to have several classic double riders (sometimes called belted leather jackets) in their wardrobes. A double rider is a bike leather jacket that has a notch collar style which is also its signature feature. For additional warmth, double rider leather jackets have notch collars made of shearling. Belts are also added to give an increased level of protection from wind and unpredictable weather.

It is integrated with zipper cuffs and frontal closure. Although double riders also have zippered pockets, they are also available with flap pockets. Double rider jackets are the type of bike leather jackets that come with waist adjustment straps so that one can tighten and loosen the grip of these jackets according to their size and preference. Furthermore, they’re given extra padding on the shoulders and elbow region so that in case of a fall the rider doesn’t take a severe beating. It essentially gives another layer of protection to the rider.

Leather bike jackets are also made from different types of linings, finishes, and fabrics. A high-quality leather biker jacket is made from cowhide, sheepskin, and goatskin leather. For a polished look, it is further enhanced with semi-aniline or a pull-up or suede finish. Nylon and polyester are common choices for the lining but to increase insulation shearling and faux fur are also used.

Popularity Of Men’s Leather Biker Jacket In The UK

After hooded leather jackets, bike leather jackets are the most popular leather outerwear in the UK. You are likely to find at least one high-quality leather biker jacket in a men’s closet in the UK. The weather is mostly chilly and in the evening it becomes important to take another layer or else one can easily catch a cold.

Men with modern but understated aesthetics lean more towards cafe racer leather bike jackets. Most men go for leather biker jackets in black but brown and distressed looks are also appealing. British men have a classy style and they don’t like to have too much detailing, like unnecessary embroidery and customized additions to their jackets.

Thus, leather biker jackets for men in the UK are subtle in style but high in functionality. Leather jackets in Birmingham, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Plymouth, Norwich, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, or Newcastle upon Tyne are made from cowhide, sheepskin, and other durable materials. The best ones are made from full-grain leather as it promises high resistance to abrasion and water and a longer lifetime.

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What Are the Different Types Of Biker Jackets

Cafe racer and double rider are the two types of biker jackets for women and men. They are further available in different colors and materials, like black and brown or cowhide leather jackets.

What To Consider Before Buying A Biker Jacket?

When you’re buying a leather jacket, you should screen it properly. Most people first look at the aesthetics and style of the jacket. However, what is more important is the use of good materials and skilled artisans. Hence, opt for full-grain leather jackets with perfect finishing and a lining that matches your need and preference. In addition, there should be key elements that add utility and functionality to the outerwear.

What Are the Different Types Of Leather Hides For Biker Jackets?

There are different types of leather hides available from regular to exotic ones. For instance, you have eel, kangaroo, and other types of exotic leather hides available and these leather jackets are durable but extremely expensive. If you’re interested in high-quality garments without costing an arm and a leg, it’s best to invest in sheepskin leather jackets or other leather hides like goatskin and cowhide as not only are they reasonably priced but they also promise you a long lifetime with easy accessibility.

Why Do Bikers Wear Black Leather?

Men’s black leather jackets in biker style are hugely popular. The color black is understated, versatile, and extremely dapper. It looks good on every body type, skin color, and gender. A universally loved color packed with comfort, confidence, and charm. For a change, they usually opt for suede jackets in black.


Men’s biker leather jackets are an eclectic leather garment that are an essential part of their wardrobe, whether they seek adventure and thrill or not. Any ensemble can be transformed and made even better with the inclusion of a charming biker jacket. Available in two styles, cafe racer and double rider, this style of a leather jacket is a must-have for any man. Pair a black leather biker jacket with a black jean and a white shirt and you can never go wrong.