Jackets are like people
Different colours, Different shapes
Different sizes, Different shades
Different cuts, Different ways
Different souls, Different grains

Jackets are like people
In moods and personalities Infinite pluralities
Multiple mentalities
Some made for work, some made for ease
One made for you, one #MadeForMe

#MadeForMeis a campaign that captures the essence of what we do at The Jacket Maker. When we imagine a jacket, we go beyond measurements and pockets and zippers; we make for people -- people who have unique bodies, personalities, careers, hobbies, pets, families, favorite pizza toppings.

Dedicated to everyone who ever thought that a leather jacket was ‘too masculine’, or ‘too rugged’ or ‘too bulky’ for them: don’t settle for a jacket that does not make you stop in your tracks, hold your breath, and say, ‘Wow, this jacket was made for me!’


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