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Elevate your travel game with custom passport holders. Designed exclusively for you, these custom passport holders & covers are personalized & practical travel companions.

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Experience the ease of choice as you select your passport holder's material. Opt for the rugged durability of full-grain leather in a variety of leather types, finishes and ensure an accessory that resonates with your style.


Select from a range of leather passport holders, tailored to cater to different traveler preferences. From sleek and compact designs for minimalists to multifunctional options for organized explorers, design that complements your needs and preferences.

Monogrammed Passport Holder

Make your mark on travel essentials with our monogrammed passport holders, adding a distinct touch of personalization to your travels. Personalize with your initials and make every journey uniquely yours.

Engraved Passport Holders

Turn your passport holder into a storytelling canvas. Our engraved passport holders encapsulate memories, messages and sayings through intricate detailing creating a travel companion that's both practical and sentimental.

About Custom Passport Holders

Should You Buy A Custom Passport Holder? Amongst many items, a custom passport holder is a traveler’s essential item. The purpose of a personalized passport holder is to carry all the relevant documents regarding your travel – this includes your passport, identification, immigration pass, plane tickets, and any other documents.

When you have a custom passport holder, you don’t have to search for everything in your bag while people at the back of the line wait for you to get through immigration. Who likes to wait or keep their fellow travelers waiting anyway? It’s extremely important to be vigilant about your traveling documents because a lot of times people try to misuse your identity for the wrong purposes.

But the question arises, where to buy a custom leather passport from? When you buy a custom passport holder, you want it to look a certain way and be efficiently functional. A personalized passport holder with a name comes in handy in that case. What a personalized passport holder does is it can have your name or initials on it – to indicate that it’s yours.

TruCarry is a global brand that provides high-quality custom leather passport holders. We have an incredible staff and craftsmen who are literate and give meticulous attention to detail. Whether you are looking for a monogrammed passport holder or personalized passport covers, we have it covered for you. We can get you a custom passport cover as well as a leather passport holder personalized as per your requirements and preferences.

Buying custom leather goods can be expensive – but not when you are buying from us. We have a practice where we remove the prices of the middlemen which makes your purchase even more feasible. The quality of the leather is impeccable. We use real leather which makes it perfect leather gifts for him and leather gifts for her. We believe personalized leather passport holders make a great choice for corporate gifts.

In this guide, we’re going to discuss the variety available for a custom passport holder along with the process of placing their order. Continue reading to find out more about our collection of custom leather passport holders and covers.

Where To Buy Personalized Leather Passport Holder?

Are you looking for custom passport holders? Do you want to buy a custom passport cover? Would you like to buy a custom leather passport holder? We have good news for you. TruCarry is a global luxurious leather brand that offers a great collection of personalized passport covers and personalized leather passport holders. We have many different colors, like blue, gray, black, and brown. The design and features of our custom leather passport holders and custom passport covers are minimalist and they look exquisite and versatile – just like our custom leather wallets, personalized luggage tags, custom leather keychains, custom leather belts, custom jerseys, custom bags, custom jackets, etc. We recommend you order our personalized leather passport holder and get them customized exactly as you want; choose their color, finishing, features, leather type, embroidery design or embossing, etc. Make sure you buy from our custom leather passport holder collection.

Some of the advantages of buying a personalized leather passport holder is that it protects your passport from regular wear and tear. Should you want to buy a coffee or a drink at the airport while you wait for your flight to arrive, you can store your passport and important documents in a leather passport holder that is personalized.

Did you know that personalized passport holder for a couple is now a thing? Earlier, people used to buy a personalized passport holder with their name but now it’s changed to “mr. and mrs.” which is incredibly cute. In fact, we suggest the next time you’re buying a gift for your partner, get a personalized passport holder for a couple – as a promise to travel together forever.

Custom passport covers and personalized passport holders come with several zips and pockets which make the organization of your traveling documents seamless. Get yourself a black or brown custom passport holder so that it matches literally any and every outfit you wear. A custom passport holder is a unisex item; you can carry it with you regardless of your gender. So, hurry up and place your order now.

Monogrammed Passport Holder

Do you want to become a monogrammed passport holder? There is nothing cuter and more personalized than a monogrammed passport holder. In fact, we believe that a monogrammed passport holder is an incredibly thoughtful gift as well. And when you buy someone a leather monogrammed passport holder, it gives them two reasons to be grateful – the first aspect of this gift is that you buy them something expensive and luxurious (leather gifts are usually on the high-end) and the second is that you thought of them and personalized the monogrammed passport holder, giving it a special meaning. We can provide you with a personalized passport holder after you fill our form and provide us with information regarding your custom passport holder or custom passport cover.

FAQs About Custom Passport Holder

Are Passport Holders A Good Idea?

Yes, custom passport holders are super helpful as they keep your documents organized so you remain undisturbed or worried throughout your travel.

What Is The Best Type Of Passport Holder?

A custom leather passport holder is super efficient, luxurious and elegant.

Why Have A Passport Wallet?

It’s great to have a passport wallet or a personalized passport holder as it keeps your documents safe and organized.

Are Passport Wallets Safe?

Yes, a personalized passport wallet is extremely convenient and safe.