About Leather Vests For Women

A wardrobe staple women should never be without, leather jackets for women come in many different styles that compliment every outfit and lifestyle. From the cult-favorite edgy women’s leather motorcycle jacket to the trendy leather bomber jackets to a leather blazer for a semi-formal setting, simply put, any leather piece is an investment because it’s functionally timeless and can be worn in so many ways. However, if you are looking to break through your leather jacket rut and get some fresh inspiration, opt for a sleeveless version of the leather jacket, the women’s leather vest. A leather vest for women, for lack of a better word, is quite frankly the bee’s knees of women’s outerwear that are perfect stand-alone pieces for summer or transitional weather and for layering in harsh winter. This statement-making outerwear will be an amazing addition to your closet because of its anything-goes nature and unique fashion statement. Just pair it with jeans and a tee to dress up a casual outfit or wear a sleek leather vest for women with a midi skirt, and there you have an outfit that exudes femininity.

Women’s Leather Vest Styles

Women’s and men’s leather vests offer versatility, style, and element of surprise in no particular order. Looking to have an impact? Go for something edgy, with funky detail or a razor-sharp silhouette that is highlighted by metallic studs. Or perhaps something more classic is your scene, then minimalist design with functionality and quality finish is perfect for you. Let’s not forget the leather motorcycle vest for women, an iteration from the biker family that has all the edge and style of a classic leather moto jacket minus the sleeves. The collarless vests in crew neck or V-neck collar are other women’s leather vest styles that can be sexy or sophisticated depending on what you pair them with. The vintage-inspired distressed biker leather vest for women is another style that you can invest in to exhibit your love for biker jackets without compromising on comfort. A leather vest for women created in not your average neutral colors is a funky, playful way to add a lot of interest to your outfits. Go for a silver piece or a maroon leather vest and let the world know about your fearless and experimental side of style.

Customize A Women’s Leather Vest

A leather vest for women has this unique style, independent streak, and individuality that is truly one in a million. Going for a women’s leather vest amplifies these qualities, making for the perfect statement maker one can imagine. The Jacket Maker has a carefully curated, constantly growing selection of women’s leather vests that will surely appeal to a great many. Made from primarily full-grain sheepskin leather, our vests and sheepskin jacket for women’s collection are adored by countless women, as pieces crafted from such leather offer a perfect balance of lightweightness, smoothness, and durability. The leather used in our leather vest for women line-up is treated with care to achieve an aniline or semi-aniline state, or a type of finish much like distressed or burnished for uniqueness. Materials such as suede may also be used, or even a tie ‘n’ dye effect to add some artsy, alternative style. Thus there are diverse options for every liking. If not, customizing a women’s leather vest would be the very best option without a doubt, and we are totally here for it. Starting from scratch, you have the opportunity to select a design be it a leather motorcycle vest for women or a collarless vest, with detail, materials, finishing that are all complementary to your look. Our team is here to walk you through this creative process and answer any queries you may have. Remember, all you have to do is make a request and let us handle the rest.