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We believe that making the best starts with you. Whether it's a traditional western-style leather vest or a classic leather biker vest, or the trending puffer vest, our design consultants will work with you to create the perfect, handcrafted custom leather vest for your style. Get a custom leather vest with your initials, favorite number, special dates, and more.

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Crafting a custom leather vest begins with selecting the leather, which for us means only full-grain leather with a naturally high level of strength and durability. Choose from our unbeatable selection of finest quality leather sourced from revered tanneries ranging from sheepskin to goatskin, cowhide, and buffalo hide in the color & finish of your choice.

 Biker Vest

Distinctive regalia of motorcycle club members turned into an iconic style staple; leather biker vests are time-tested pieces. Cruise around on your chopper or spice up your look with a custom leather motorcycle vest personalized with your logo, patch, artwork & more.

About Custom Leather Vests

Have you been more experimental with your style lately? If not, but you want to try on different cuts and silhouettes, we have an easy solution for you – buy more custom leather vests!

Custom leather vests were once a crucial part of a man’s wardrobe, and when we say once, we mean back in the 90s when fashion for men had reached its pinnacle. And like a carousel that never stops turning, all the fashion trends make a comeback every few decades. Back in the ’90s, custom leather vests were all the rage, and if we take a few decades back from then, you go back into the 70s – a time when custom leather biker vests were an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. And now that we’re deep into the 2020s, we believe custom biker vests should make a comeback. A comeback that will rock the world and how with its edgy cut and eccentric design.

When you’re exploring edgy and functional designs in the apparel industry, most fashion icons favor the supremacy of custom leather biker vests. Having breathable linings along with zips and pockets with a metallic touch adds to the overall look as well as the comfort of the garment. Of course, the custom leather biker vests are made of different types of leather that extend a luxurious touch to your overall presence.

But the question pops up: where can you get high-quality custom-made leather vests from? The craftsmanship and construction of custom biker vests is crucial and can only be done by a brand that sticks to its high standards and quality virtues. And in that regard, The Jacket Maker stands tall and broad. We provide quality-approved custom leather vests to customers across the globe. The leather we choose is full-grain; the finest type of leather. Real leather makes our custom motorcycle vests more durable and ensures longevity and class.

Continue to learn more about our collection of custom leather biker vests for both men and women.

Our Collection Of Custom Motorcycle Vests For Men And Women

In our introduction, we explained the resurgence of leather vests in the fashion world. People who understand and admire quality fashion, have embraced custom-made leather vests the same way they’ve embraced custom leather jackets and other leather apparel. Leather jackets are all about luxury and elegance. Being a fashionable person, you would already have leather motorcycle jackets and leather boots in your wardrobe. Now it’s time to make a new addition to your leather collection – our exquisitely crafted custom leather vests.

The quality of our custom-made leather vests is indisputable – from the use of real and full-grain leather to the functional design and cuts, we have given a minimal but stylish approach to the collection of our leather sleeveless vests. Our custom leather biker vests are available in several colors, like brown, black, maroon, tan, etc.

In addition, we have given unique and distinct finishing styles to the custom leather motorcycle vests. The different types of leather finishing add to their texture and look. Some of the popular leather finishes on our custom leather motorcycle vests include semi-aniline finish, oil pull-up, aniline, and suede.

While some custom motorcycle vests have metallic buttoned closures, others are integrated with zippered closures. The versatility of our design and aesthetics extend to the type of pockets; flap pockets, zip pockets, coin pockets, etc. Normally people have puffer vests in different colors in their wardrobe – a wise decision as they protect you during light rain due to their softshell structure. However, our custom leather motorcycle vests are a must-have for anybody with an elegant style.

The custom motorcycle vest is a timeless addition for both men and women. It makes every body type look fantastic – a dream, isn’t it? In fact, we’d like to claim that our collection of women’s leather vests looks great on plus-size women. Ditch women’s leather jackets ladies and hop on the custom biker vest bandwagon.

Exquisite Craftsmanship Of Our Custom Biker Vests

Whether you’re a fan of simplicity or you like a bit of indulgence, leather is for everyone. A timeless textile fabric that enchants the wearer with confidence and brings an inherent sophistication to your aura. If you like our collection of women’s biker leather jackets, you’ll surely be elated to purchase our custom biker vests. The Jacket Maker offers custom leather vests in stylish cuts and silhouettes and the quality of the leather and its finishing is glorious, to say the least.

By looking at the quality of our custom-made leather vests, you’d expect the prices to be extremely high. But you’d be surprised to see how feasible the prices of our leather sleeveless vests are. This way, you don’t have to worry about the budget and can look stylish in our custom leather motorcycle vests.

Did you know that we can get you custom leather vests with a logo as well? The signature design can be complemented with personalized logos, embroidery, and embossing. Thus, make sure you buy custom leather vests with logos and other personalization options along with custom motorcycle jackets to get yourself a complete biker boy or biker girl look.

Custom Leather Vests with Logo

Create a personalized leather vest featuring your logo, perfect for individuals and teams. The Jacket Maker provides a vast array of customization options for designing your unique leather vest with a logo.


In this guide, we gave you an overview of our custom leather biker vests. From their unique designs and cuts to the choice of leather and their feasibility, we’ve given you a chance to update your style and become a fashion icon who is up-to-date with the latest trends. And while you’re at it, take a look at our incredible collection of women’s leather motorcycle jackets and leather biker jackets for men!