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Best Handmade Full-Grain Real Leather Bags For Men & Women

Having a full leather collection is a hobby in reality, so whether it be leather jackets, leather bags or leather shoes people want them all. However, when you are out buying your leather products it is very important for you to explore and get the best leather options available.

If you are specifically looking for leather bags for women or for men then The Jacket Maker has it all stored for you. Our craftsmen use their exquisite techniques while crafting your leather bags. We own both women’s and men’s leather bags, however, if you want to design your own, you can also get your hands on custom leather bags.

Type of leather bags for men and women

There are leather bags that have been specially designed for your needs. If you are someone who likes to travel a lot then a leather travel bag like the leather duffle bag would be your go to option. For all the working men and ladies out there who carry their laptops back and forth, they do require a premium quality leather laptop bag which keeps their laptop safe and secure and is an easy carrier. On the other hand, leather backpacks are great for school and college going students, but can be used differently too. Bags are just not hindered by styles, you can also pick the type of bag based on the color for example you can go for a grey leather bag that marks up to your taste or if nothing satisfies you then get a custom bag like the ladies can get custom handbags.

How can you tell if a leather bag is real?

Real leather bags are made out of animal hides like goats, cows, camels etc. However faux leather is made out of plastic and then treated accordingly to get the look of leather. Also, if you are getting a bag custom made like the custom messenger bags you can even pick the type of leather you want. On the other hand, real leather is flexible and soft but also gives a grainy feel when touched and will have a distinct animal hide smell. While the faux fur can not be stretched and cracks up in no time.

What are full grain leather bags?

If you are looking for prime leather bags like the leather crossbody bags then opt for full grain leather. Full grain leather is not highly processed while it is tanned thus it is a very natural form of leather. If you are planning to give away corporate gifts then a full grain leather bag should be your utmost choice as its glistening skin would give it an exceptional look and a great feel.

How long does a full grain leather bag last?

Full grain leather bags might be an expensive buy but they will last you a lifetime if they are taken care of. Condition your bag once every few days so that the skin does not dry up and crack. Refrain to mishandle your bag. Just like if you are wanting to get your hands on custom duffel bags, customize them sensibly as these types of bags are highly needed when you are traveling. It is a one time investment but does last you a lifetime.

What is the best leather hide for bags?

Cowhide seems to be the best hide for leather bags. From leather tote bags to leather messenger bags, all should be made out of cowhide. Cowhide leather is thick, flexible, and does not damage easily, thus it can even be used in a tough way,

Does The Jacket Maker’s bags come with a guarantee for craftsmanship and materials?

The Jacket Maker opts for the finest leather that is available as they know for the fact that premium quality raw materials lead to exceptional final products. These are the hides that are a one time investment if you take care of your leather bag in a proper manner. These handmade leather bags are crafted to perfection by our craftsmen who are proficient in their crafting leather bags whether they be leather briefcases from our product menu or custom bags which you can get made according to your want and desire.

How are The Jacket Maker’s handmade leather bags constructed?

Whether it be a regular leather folio for men’s office use or custom clutch purses for women our craftsmen have their attention on every little detail unlike the bags made in production houses through machinery. While a bag goes through finishing the craftsmen make sure that every corner is exactly the way the customer wants. However, if there is a request for custom bags like a black leather bag with embellishments then it goes through another procedure.

How durable is the bag’s lining material?

If you are looking for leather business bags then it is very important that the bag’s lining is rough and tough and does not tear down in some time. The Jacket Maker assures you high durability on the leather bag which means the lining material is very durable. However, if you want to get a custom bag made like the custom backpacks then you can pick the lining material of your choice.

Custom leather bags

The Jacket Maker allows you to get a custom bag made of your choice. You can let the customer representative jot down the details that you want in your bag. Firstly pick the type of leather for your bag and the colour you want. You can always go for a brown leather bag that is vintage and classic or you can give your taste a change and opt for a blue leather bag instead. After you are done picking the colour and the leather then pick out the style, you have a lot of options to choose from like custom briefcases, custom tote bags, custom portfolio bags etc. You can also get detailing done on your bag like you can get it embroidered or use different zippers and straps. There is a never ending list from which you can customize your bag.