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The Jacket Maker presents custom leather bags for women and men. Offering you a facility to get any kind of bag made in the colour, style, material, finish and detail of your choice.

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Customize your own leather bags in any way you choose. With unlimited options and free assistance from our design consultants waiting to guide you along this creative process.


While design, style and detail play important parts in the overall process of a custom leather bag, fabric and material would be defined as the glue that holds them all together. We'll help you decide on not just a style or custom design, but a colour as well as material that would work best in achieving ideal results.

About Custom Leather Bags

Known and preferred for its durability, strength, and luxe appeal, leather is the topmost choice when it comes to bags. A good leather bag is an investment. It’s something you’ll have for years, and if you take care of it, it will only get better with age. It’s a reflection of your personal style, and as it ages, it tells the story of your life. Whether you’re carrying a super personalized custom leather portfolio to work or a leather duffle bag for a weekend getaway, a leather bag is a perfect way to make a statement. And unlike some trends that come and go, the classic look of a leather bag is always in style. But what’s better than leather bags— custom leather bags! To design your own custom leather bag, means you are involved in every step of the process—from design to material selection to personalizing it with various techniques and everything in between. Plus with custom made leather bags you can explore, discover, compare and pick high-quality materials and construction, so they will often last longer than mass-produced bags.

Picking The Right Leather For Custom Leather Bags.

The lifespan of a custom leather bag can vary greatly depending on the leather used and how it was treated during production, but generally speaking, a good quality custom leather bag should last for years with proper care. Personalized handbags and custom leather bags can be made from a variety of different leather of varying grades, including full-grain, top grain,genuine leather, bonded leather, and many more. Full grain leather is the highest quality type of leather available, and it is also the most expensive. Top grain leather is a step down in quality from full grain, but it is still quite durable and tends to be less expensive. Genuine leather is basically a lower-quality form of real leather but it is usually the most budget-friendly option. When choosing a custom leather bag, it is important to consider not only the grade of leather used but also the hide of the leather it is sourced from. For example, custom leather tote bags made from soft, pliable and durable full-grain sheepskin leather leather would be ideal for carrying your everyday essentials, a cow-hide custom leather briefcase or custom messenger bag would be ideal for carrying business documents, laptop and other things—works best in business setting while a rugged thick buffalo hide custom leather backpack or other athletic bags like custom leather duffle bags will ensure that your custom made leather bags stands the test of time. On the other hand the beauty of custom leather bags is the freedom to choose any type of leather for your personalized item, putting you in the driving seat, because who knows which route to go better than you.

Custom Leather Bags For Every Lifestyle & Needs.

For many people, a leather bag is a functional accessory more than it’s a perfect concluding touch to any outfit, and for many it’s the opposite. The versatility of custom leather bags is that you get both in one. You can create a statement piece that reflects your personal style while choosing all the details and elements so that it remains practical. If you’re looking for a stylish way to carry your art essentials, look no further than custom leather craft bags. Personalize it with a beautiful embroidery or an artsy print. For the adventurous type, custom leather motorcycle bags are the perfect way to carry and keep close your gear on the open road. For the frequent traveler–whether you are a jetsetter or prefer four wheels over two for your fun adventures, a custom leather messenger bag and backpacks are an excellent choice. No matter how you travel, there are leather travel bags perfect for your journey. And if you’re an avid golfer you can go for custom leather golf bags, music enthusiasts can create and enjoy custom leather guitar gig bags. This is not where it ends. Gun range visitors can invest in dedicated leather range bags to carry their shooting range gear in style with utmost protection and students with an eye of fashion and all things custom can and should opt for leather laptop bags for their valuable tech devices.Designed and created to keep the tools accessible,organized and secure, custom leather tool bags are best for the DIY enthusiast and a professional equally. Not to forget the leather business bags as high end corporate gifts for employees, clients and all the valuable players for your business.Not to forget personalized handbags or a custom clutch purse to match the cocktail dress or gown to be twice the woman than everyone else in the gathering. In short there’s a custom leather bag that’s perfect for every lifestyle, occasion and need.

Design Your Own Custom Leather Bag with The Jacket Maker.

From women’s leather bags to men’s leather bags, we understand the importance of leather purses, leather bags, leather backpacks, messenger bags, custom bags with logo, custom leather and many different types of leather bags that have a functional value along with serving elements of style. Our design of your own leather bags service enables you to work with us from scratch in finding a style and functionality that will contribute to all your needs and sensibilities. We assure you that your personalized leather bags will make a statement about your personality and good taste. Through custom leather bags, we offer you a wide range starting from fabric types and designs to details, colours and any style or size you may be interested in. Just as custom leather bags have an unlimited capacity for design, while having the ability to fit your personality and lifestyle, the same can be accomplished with any custom outerwear or apparel so why stop at just leather bags. That’s why we encourage you to only make a request and let us handle the rest.