Puffer Vests

There’s something royal about puffer vests. Despite being incredibly simple and practical, the inherent quality and versatility of a puffer vest is something we don’t talk enough about. Being available in different styles and designs, men’s puffer vests are cosmopolitan and timeless. If you collect softshell jackets, you will enjoy wearing men’s puffer vests, too. Our men’s puffer vests are unique types of men’s winter jackets that are durable, water-repellent, and resistant to abrasions. They are given proper lining to keep you warm and comfortable while keeping the outerwear breathable.

Men’s puffer vests are lightweight jackets and great substitutes for people who don’t want to wear puffer jackets. The eclectic design makes them an apt choice for transitional weather attire. It makes an outfit look classy and well-defined without seeming too repetitive. You can wear a puffer vest to the office as well as to a dinner party. And guess what? A puffer vest is an ideal choice for hiking and other outdoor activities.

The Jacket Maker has a collection of men’s puffer vests. All the puffer vests for men are distinctive and stylish. These sleeveless puffer jackets are available in several different designs and fabrics. From a leather puffer vest to a hooded puffer vest and even a long puffer vest. Whether you want a black puffer vest that goes with everything or a green puffer vest that is rather flamboyant, you can find a puffer vest for men in many colors. You can either choose from our collection of men’s puffer vests or get custom vests and personalize them according to your preferences.

So without further ado, let’s give you an overview of our beautiful collection of puffer jacket vests.

Our Collection Of Men’s Puffer Vests

The collection of puffer jacket vests is quite sophisticated. The puffer vests for men are immaculate attire for people who get confused by the moodiness of the weather. Should you wear a winter jacket? Is it time to pull out a trench coat? Would it feel too hot and sweaty? Should you opt for a sleeveless puffer jacket? Maybe a hooded puffer vest would be more suitable for the sudden chilliness of the night? There are so many aspects of weather that need to be put into consideration when choosing outerwear. Hence, take a look at our collection of puffer vests. We have divided them into different categories based on their design and features.

Hooded Puffer Vest

Hooded puffer vests are incredibly cool. They offer protection from wind and are warmer, especially the ones that are thermally insulated. You can find hooded puffer vests in different colors, black puffer vests, green puffer vests, red puffer vests, etc. As for the features of the puffer vests, it is integrated with a zipper, a dual puller, and a wind flap. There is a banded collar with a removable hood as well. The puffer jacket vest comes with a waist adjustment drawcord, too. The material is nylon and it is water-resistant, making it a great choice for light rain.

Leather Puffer Vest

When you’re looking at leather vests offered by The Jacket Maker, you can’t look past the leather puffer vest collection. They are sheepskin leather construction and given an aniline finish to make them breathable and porous. Furthermore, there is quilted polyester lining which adds to the overall quality of the leather puffer vest. The next time you want to ditch the regular men’s leather jackets, make sure you grab your hands on our leather puffer vest. They are available in several different colors and have a regal look.

FAQs about Men’s Puffer Vests

Why Do Guys Wear Puffer Vests?

Guys prefer puffer vests over men’s windbreaker jackets when the weather isn’t too cold. This way, they keep themselves warm enough for the windy weather but also comfortable and breathable.

Do Puffer Vests Keep You Warm?

Long puffer vests keep you warm like wool jackets and other light outerwear.

Can I Wear A Puffer Vest In 50 Degree Weather?

Yes, you can wear a puffer jacket vest in any weather; if the weather is too hot, make sure it’s not insulated with thermal.

Why Wear a Vest Instead of a Jacket?

A puffer jacket vest is always a better alternative for you when the weather is transitional and you want to keep things simple and comfortable. Jackets are usually too warm and cozy, this is why a puffer jacket vest is always easier to wear and carry.

How Do You Style a Puffer Vest for Men?

You can style a vest puffer jacket with a collared shirt, a v-neck t-shirt, a warm knit sweater, and even a turtleneck.