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Best Handmade Full-Grain Real Travel Leather Bags For Men & Women

Traveling is more of a hobby thus you should make sure that you do not leave out anything on your bucket list. With that, prepping according to your trip is important so keep all the necessities in mind and then pack your bags.

Packing bags is the core task of your travel and so that means you cannot just pack your things in a regular bag and leave for the airport. While you travel you meet a lot of people so make sure that you carry your things with class and class means leather travel bags.

While keeping this situation in mind The Jacket Maker has introduced womens leather travel bags and leather travel bags for men. Now there are more than leather jackets and leather shoes, you can also buy leather bags from The Jacket Maker.

Are leather travel bags good?

Leather bags are not just good, they are great whether you pick travel leather business bags from our product list or your own custom leather bags for travel. People use leather travel bags because they are made out of thick animal hide, are durable and have a stylish look. Whether you get one of the black leather travel bags or the blue leather travel bags they are going to look elegant and thus never go out of style as leather bags are a timeless piece.

Is it better to travel with a duffle bag or backpack?

Both of the bags have their pros and cons. A leather duffle bag is spacious, gives off a sophisticated look and is great for long travels. On the other hand, if you stuff it a bit too much it is difficult to carry. As for the leather backpacks you can carry them around easily wherever you want, it is chic and stylish. But it is not as commodious as you think; for long travels, you might not want to carry your backpack. In short, it all depends on your travel time and carrying around.

How do I choose a travel bag?

If you are traveling just for a day for the sake of work then the best thing to do is to take one of your leather briefcases as it would be able to accommodate your work essentials; for the side bag, you can take a backpack along. However, if your travel is long, we would suggest that you carry a bag that is light in weight and can be carried easily. For a big bag, opt for a duffle bag and to keep a bag handy, leather crossbody bags might be a good option. If you are more of a backpack person but do not like the space and style of our usual backpack then The Jacket Maker also offers leather custom bags, in that case you can get custom backpacks made in no time.

What colors are best for travel bags?

Travel bags can be funky, sober or classic depending on your taste. If you want it to be a timeless vintage piece then opt for the basic brown leather travel bags or grey leather travel bags, these colors give a prime look no matter what. However, if you are someone who likes their travel bags to be unique with bold colors then you are free to get them customized whether it be colorful custom duffel bags or custom leather tote bags.

Does The Jacket Maker use real leather for their leather travel bags?

From leather travel duffel bags to leather laptop sleeves The Jacket Maker uses real animal hide for all of their leather travel bags. The skin of the bag is sturdy and flexible thus the bag will not get easily damaged; if you take care of your bag and condition it as required then then your leather bag will surely last you for a lifetime. People might think that leather bags are an expensive buy but it’s truly just an investment as you can never replace the use of real leather with faux leather.

Customize leather travel bags for men and women

Getting your leather travel bags customized means having the freedom to design the bag in whatever way you want. When you travel, your bag depicts your personality and people around you tend to notice you accordingly. So, knowing this fact, The Jacket Maker gives you the opportunity to get your bag customized. Whether it be custom handbags for women for everyday use or custom briefcases for men for their meeting abroad, we do it all. Our representative is going to take every detail from you regarding the bag; the type of leather, lining, zippers and colors, everything should be mentioned. You can get your leather travel duffel bags hand painted, get an embroidered patch for your leather messenger bags or maybe get your leather folio studded with embellishments, it all depends on you. The Jacket Maker has fine craftsmen who then take your details and craft your leather bag from scratch. All of our bags are handmade and sewn to perfection. We are sure that the finish that you get would be according to your requirements.