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About Leather Dress Shoes For Men

Formal wear is incomplete without men’s leather dress shoes making them an integral part of men’s capsule wardrobe. Looking from a broader perspective, men’s dress shoes are incredibly versatile. For someone with a limited understanding of fashion, footwear is deeply restrictive for men. This viewpoint can easily be challenged once you check the variety of leather shoes for men offered by The Jacket Maker. You’ve got multiple options to choose from – Brogued and plain Oxford shoes to the classy wholecut design and others. Their Eviternity collection is known for being versatile, comfortable, and durable as well.

Men’s Leather Dress Shoes – Where Style Becomes Power

The way men’s leather jackets add substance and style to your enigmatic personality, footwear plays an equally important role. Whether you’re interested in buying casual leather shoes for men or rather formal ones, check out the elegant and debonair collection that we have to offer.

Professor Oxford Leather Shoes

Illuminate in the undeniable power exuded by men’s oxford shoes. These wing-tip real leather dress shoes have a premium cowhide topline Blake-stitched together showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Stacked with heel and partial rubber capping, these shoes extend ceremonious support that brings style and comfort to one place.

Greyson Brogues Oxford Leather Shoes

Oxford leather shoes for men that have brogue detailing on their topline. Available in various colors and finishing styles, this full-grain cowhide leather footwear is naturally milled and constructed with the classic Blake stitch method. The hand-punched design elevates the sophisticated moccasin construction.

Dirk Brogue Derby Leather Shoes

Men’s derby shoes are semi-formal dress shoes for men that bring together urbane aesthetics without disowning their classy heritage. The brogue detailing combined with the sophisticated wing-tip toe style cracks the essence of enigmatic presence. Grab this dynamite pair of derby shoes that enchant the wearer with confidence and elegance. You can find men’s leather boots in Derby style as well, however, they’d fall in the business casual category.

Director Wholecut Leather Dress Shoes

A sleek design that suits any man with a minimal style, this wholecut pair is a fusion of contemporary features with moccasin stitching. It’s a close-laced style with rust-proof eyelets and poly-cotton laces. The comfort of a robust and sturdy base is further enhanced with the EVA insole bedding.

Boston Double Monk Strap Leather Dress Shoes

Semi-formal buckled shoe that brings your best foot forward. A full-grain cowhide leather topline bought together with supremely comfortable EVA insole bedding and a uniquely durable aniline finish. Channel versatility with the double monk strap design available in various colors, ready to be worn with tailored pants for the immaculate dressy look.

Attorney Derby Leather Dress Shoes

A sleek pair of Derby leather shoes is an investment worth making – they easily camouflage and become perfect for both business casual and formal occasions. The moccasin construction is backed with an aesthetically strong design. The Attorney Derby leather dress shoes are available in various colors and finishing styles. Also considered the best substitute for leather chelsea boots for men.

FAQs For Leather Dress Shoes

Which shoes are best for formal dress for men?

When it comes to deciding the best formal shoes for men, you can’t look over Oxford and brogues derby shoes. However, for a change, one can also wear men’s leather loafers for a formal occasion without breaking the dress code.

What are formal leather shoes called?

There are different styles of men’s formal shoes, like men’s oxford and brogued derby shoes. Men’s leather sneakers are definitely not formal shoes, in case you’re wondering.

How can you tell the quality of dress shoes?

The quality of dress shoes is obvious from the construction standard and use of materials for its craftsmanship. The Blake stitching method is quite robust and classic at the same time. Furthermore, if the shoes are made from leather, the naturally milled full-grain leather is deemed best.

What makes a high-quality dress shoe?

When a shoe construction is neat and the lines are immaculately stitched together with no wrinkles or discreet visuals, it confirms the product is of high quality.

What color is best for dress shoes?

Men’s dress shoes in black leather color are generally considered to be the best choice for dress shoes for men. However, if you want to step out of your comfort zone without feeling too out of place, men’s dress shoes in brown leather are also great.


Men’s dress shoes are a spectrum of their own – from the ceremonious Oxford leather dress shoes to brogues Derby shoes and even the double monk strap design, Eviternity by The Jacket Maker has it all. This collection of footwear has hit the nail with top-notch construction and craftsmanship. The styles are distinguished and cosmopolitan with minimal aesthetics at play. Just like their leather bags collection, they have succeeded in offering some of the best leather dress shoes.