Wool Coats and Jackets For Men

Leather jackets are one of the cornerstones of men’s fashion, but they are not the only player in town, as wool coats are just as stylish and masculine. The big difference between the two is their vibe. Leather jackets emit a hardcore badass aura that is perfectly encapsulated by the brawny action movie stars. Men’s sheepskin coats in bomber or aviator designs are also associated with fearless fighter pilots – further cementing the badass notion. Men’s wool coats and jackets, on the other hand, make you look a mature, smart, and all-around gentleman. It’s not a coincidence that a smart detective in every piece of media is depicted in a long woolen trench coat. Wool coats are also the perfect counter for the cold winds of early winter that are not yet cold enough for men’s leather trench coats. Wool coats are also an ideal alternative to winter jackets for men and windbreaker jackets during the transitional seasons like early fall and late spring. The active temperature regulation abilities of wool make it excellent for pretty much any time of year, with the only exception being the ultra-hot days of mid-summer. If you’re already a big fan of the looks and cold protection of leather trench coats, you’ll love wool coats and jackets. Here are a few of the best outfits for wool coats and jackets to get you started.

Men’s Wool Coats and Jackets Style

Your best option when styling a wool coat is to utilize it as a leather duster for men and lean heavily into the sophisticated gentleman vibe. A great example of an outfit in this style will feature a khaki wool coat atop a light blue button-up and navy blue woolen sweater. As for pants, black or dark gray jeans are the safest choice, with charcoal chinos trailing behind as the second best option. You can mute this look even further by swapping the khaki coat for a light gray option and replacing the blue sweater with a plain black one. The shirt can stay light blue, but white will have more impact in this particular combo. Lastly, shiny leather shoes are the ideal footwear here. Modern leather sneakers can work under jeans, but they might look a bit out of place. Accessories like a trilby hat, gray scarf, and a black leather belt are great additions as well, though they are not necessary to complete the look. Now let’s get back to present-day fashion and merge the classic with the contemporary. The best way to understand this style is with an example, and the ideal outer layer for this outfit is a navy blue double-breasted wool coat with a fur lining on the collar, similar to men’s shearling coats. Pair this coat with a maroon hooded sweatshirt, light blue ripped jeans, and white low-top sneakers, and you’re ready to star in a men’s fashion magazine. Another outfit with similar ideas features a black wool jacket atop a white button-up and cream V-neck sweater. Finish this pairing with black tight-fit jeans and black high-top sneakers. You can even rock a gray wool coat to work by rocking it over a white shirt with a black vest and a black tie.

Custom Men’s Wool Coats and Jackets

If you’re in the market for men’s wool coats and jackets that offer impeccable style without compromising quality, our extensive collection is for you. But this is not all. We also offer custom coats and jackets where you get to choose the materials, colors, finishes, design details, and exact size. Just hit us up, and our design experts will take it from there.