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Design Your Custom Trench Coat With Your Embroidery, Fabric & Color.

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Whether you're inclined towards a single or double-breasted trench, something with a short length, fitted or straight, with zipper closure or buttons, epaulets, patches, single or double vents, flared or any style element that may cross your mind or eyes. We're here to guide you through to achieve your ideal customized trench coat


We will ensure you are aware and decide on the best fabric, based on your design as we offer you Cotton, Leather, Cotton Drill and Poplin, to Wool Gabardine, Cotton Polyester, Polyester, Nylon, Denim and Gore-Tex which is for waterproofing. In colours such as camel or khaki, sand, stone, navy blue and black. You will be relieved to know we've got your back.

Embroidered Trench Coats

We assist you in finding the best ways to incorporate the uniqueness of embroidery into designs and detail for your very own Custom Embroidered Trench Coat.

Shearling Trench Coats

We also help you with choosing the right shearling fur, detail and coverage. Adding a sophistication that is simplistic, is a great reason to opt for your own Custom Shearling Trench Coat.

About Custom Trench Coats

Men’s leather trench coats have an in-built charm that other types of outerwear cannot replicate. Custom trench coats are winter coats that provide comfort without reducing you to a shabby man with no personal style. On the contrary, it provides you with an elegant look that is complemented with warmth and coziness. The same theory applies to women’s custom trench coats. Whether you speak of fur shearling coats or double-breasted leather trench coats for women, the style and elegance are unmatched.

The Jacket Maker is a global apparel brand that provides leather trench coats and other styles of long leather coats to customers. Buy custom trench coats from us and make sure you meet your budget without compromising on the quality. Our collection of men’s custom trench coats and women’s custom trench coats is not only classy but also incredibly versatile. How can you upgrade your style with our custom leather trench coats? Well, continue reading to find out.

Where To Get Bespoke Trench Coats From?

If you are looking for women’s winter coats like custom-made trench coats, we are here for you. We are a leather apparel brand that provides high-quality custom leather trench coats to customers across the world. We cater to both men and women and have a distinct style that is minimal and functional. If you’re not in the mood to wear wool coats or custom jackets, we highly recommend buying and wearing our exquisitely crafted leather trench coats for women.

The custom-made trench coats have beautiful finishing and functional aesthetics. The bespoke trench coats are made of real full-grain leather which makes them extremely durable and ensures longevity. The custom leather trench coats have shoulder epaulets, elbow padding, leather embossing, and other design elements. They are available in different colors, like brown, black, silver, and maroon Moreover, the women’s custom trench coats are integrated with metallic buttons, zippers, flap pockets, and buttoned cuffs.

If you want to place an order for bespoke trench coats, we are the right place for you as we provide you with individual attention and ensure we follow through with the exact details as ordered. All you have to do is provide us with the details regarding your custom trench coats – the size and measurements along with any personalization that you’d like – and we will provide you with a budget that you will first confirm after which we will proceed with your order. The process is quite simple and easy to understand.

We also provide men’s tailored trench coats so don’t think that we’re limited to offering just women’s long leather coats. Buy high-quality men’s custom trench coats from us; they are tailored and personalized according to your measurements and made just for you.

Our Collection Of Men’s Custom Trench Coats

Have you checked out our collection of men’s custom leather trench coats? We have a lot of variety that can be tailored to your measurements. Hooligan, being our most popular trench coat, has a quilted viscose lining with buttoned closure along with a waist belt. We further have a duffle wool coat that has toggle buttons along with a placket and zipper. We can go on and on and provide intricate details regarding our trench coats. If you want to place an order for custom trench coats, go ahead and find your match. The quality of custom-made trench coats is rest assured.

Custom Trench Coats Supremacy

We generally like to categorize custom leather trench coats as feminine because of their sleek cut and design. Our collection of women’s custom trench coats is supreme in every way possible because our designs are trendy and cosmopolitan and their silhouettes are elegant. If you take a look at our collection of women’s shearling coats, you’ll see how beautifully fur has been used for inner linings as well as in some to add warmth and coziness. Our custom leather trench coats can offer warmth and style the same way our custom leather jackets do. That is because of the quality and type of leather we use and the finish we apply – real full-grain leather. So make sure you hop on the train and purchase beautifully crafted custom-made trench coats in different colors and designs like the rest of the world.

Custom Trench Coats with Logo

Create a personalized trench coat featuring your logo, perfect for individuals and teams. The Jacket Maker provides a vast array of customization options for designing your unique trench coats with a logo.

FAQs about Custom Trench Coats

Why Does No One Wear Trench Coats Anymore?

Due to the popularity of custom bomber jackets, there is a perception that custom trench coats have gone out of style. That is not the truth – custom leather trench coats will never be out of style. They are still worn during the winter season by both men and women.

Are Trench Coats In Style in 2024?

Yes, custom trench coats are still in style in 2024.

What Months Can You Wear Trench Coats?

You can wear custom trench coats in winter and when the weather is changing in fall, you can pair them with dresses and skirts.

What Color Trench Coat Goes With Everything?

Blue or black color trench coats go with almost everything. Trench coats are hard to pull off like custom denim jackets but comfortable when it comes to wearing.