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Men's Leather Shoes

Leather shoes for men are not just an essential wardrobe investment but also a passion for some. From the classic Oxfords to casual sneakers and the basic wholecut designs – men like to wear shoes that make them look dapper and feel confident. Our collection of men’s shoes is cosmopolitan and designed to meet your daily utilitarian needs. Whether you want something to wear daily with your jeans and sweatpants or something more formal to match your tailored pantsuit, we have a vast range of boots, sneakers, loafers, and other shoe designs!

Types of Men’s Leather Shoes – Classification of Real Leather Shoes

Oxford Shoes

Made from naturally milled cowhide leather, our Oxford shoe collection is constructed with a premium leather outsole and comfortable EVA insole bedding. Buy these incredibly lightweight and flexible men’s Oxford shoes available in various finishes and colors. From oil pull-up to neutral suede, you will find distinctive textures and fantastically formal brogues to basic designs.

Derby Boots

Derby boots are simply the best casual leather shoes for men as they offer comfort and ease that is unmatched. The classic Blake stitching of the naturally milled cowhide leather boots is integrated with EVA insole bedding and premium leather outsole. The leather heel stack comes with partial rubber capping.


The men’s leather sneakers are naturally milled and made from full-grain cowhide leather. The robust construction is given EVA insole bedding, rust proof eyelets and poly-cotton laces. There’s also integration of neck, collar, and ankle padding and premium rubber outsole – helping you to run effortlessly.


Embedded with an EVA insole and constructed with premium Blake stitching, this cowhide leather wholecut design is supremely elegant and cosmopolitan. There is a rust-proof eyelet and premium leather outsole that makes it lightweight and comfortable. It is installed with a leather heel stack with parietal rubber capping, too.

Chelsea Boots

The leather Chelsea boots for men are constructed with full-grain cowhide leather. In addition, it is given the Blake stitching that makes the footwear supremely flexible, lightweight, and comfortable to walk in. The leather heel stack is combined with rubber capping and with that there’s an EVA insole bedding. Available in various colors and finishes, these shoes are elegant and complement men with style.

Derby Shoes

Men’s derby shoes are smart casual footwear for men with debonair style. It is constructed with Blake stitching that makes these shoes incredibly comfortable and flexible. The naturally milled leather construction is incredibly robust and embedded with Eva insoles that adds another layer of comfort. The elastic goring makes the footwear incredibly flexible as well. Find these shoes in various colors and finishes.


Men’s leather loafers are versatile and extremely classy. The heel stacked with rubber capping adds a layer of sophistication to the footwear. It is constructed with naturally milled real cowhide leather, making the footwear extremely lightweight, robust, and durable. You can style these shoes with chinos pants and jeans alike.

Brogues Oxford

This moccasin construction is solid – the wingtip toe design is edgy and sophisticated. Aesthetically pleasing, this leather shoe is naturally milled and given the immaculate and robust Blake stitching. There’s a leather outsole that is stacked with heels and partially compact with rubber capping. The hand-punched design makes the leather extremely debonair as well.

Chukka Boots

The men’s leather boots are perfect for every season and event. This low-top design is considered extremely sleek and aesthetically gorgeous. It follows an open lace design with rust-proof eyelets and poly-cotton laces effortlessly gliding through. The cowhide leather is full-grain and naturally milled. It has a brilliant lightweight Blake stitching that adds lightweight comfort and flexibility.

Double Monk Strap Shoes

The double monk strap design is one of the men’s leather dress shoes that is deemed sleek and cosmopolitan. These are naturally milled full-grain leather shoes, blake-stitched together to give you a comfortable and lightweight shoe that is an immaculate choice for all seasons and occasions. A trendy but semi-formal construction heel stacked with rubber capping.

Facts About Leather Shoes For Men

Full grain leather shoes are deemed as the best quality leather shoes for men – mainly because of the durability and longevity they assure. When you’re buying leather shoes for men, it’s best to invest in real leather shoes. Real leather shoes resist abrasions and last you longer without requiring high maintenance. Furthermore, they develop patina over time due to exposure which is actually really good because they appear to be vintage and hold archaic value.

Did you know that leather shoes for men are best for walking but also for running? Contrary to popular belief, leather sneakers are incredibly comfortable once you break in, i.e., if they’re real leather shoes. If they’re made from bonded leather or any other poor grade of leather, they will not last you long and develop wrinkles and scratches in a few weeks.

FAQs For Leather Shoes

What Are The Nicest Men’s Shoes?

When it comes to real leather shoes for men, there is much variety in offering – the definition of nice here boils down to the need and requirement. If you want to attend a formal occasion, then you have Oxford and derby boots. If you’re interested in smart casual shoes, you can find sneakers, chukka boots, and loafers.

Are Leather Shoes Better For Feet?

Real leather shoes are better for feet because they are constructed with breathable soles that keep your feet dry and comfortable. The temperature is also well-regulated and the designs are supreme and A grade.

Do Men’s Leather Shoes Look Better With Age?

Similar to men’s leather jackets, men’s leather shoes are also incredible as they age fine like wine. If they’re constructed with real leather, with time and exposure, they form a leather patina on the top layer that makes it look exquisite and vintage.

Should You Wear Leather Shoes With Or Without Socks?

Although one is recommended to wear men’s leather shoes with socks, it all comes down to one’s preference. Honestly, some people get flustered around leather shoes for men but there are many hard and fast rules that you have to follow. Keep fashion fun and light.

Should You Buy Tight Leather Shoes?

Men’s leather shoes tend to shrink and stretch with time. Thus, one is advised to buy leather shoes that are comfortable and fit properly without being too tight. With time and wear, the shoes will mold according to one’s foot size.


Leather walking shoes for men are versatile, comfortable, and highly classy. At The Jacket Maker, they are available in various designs, styles, and colors – offering you a one-stop solution for all things footwear. Just like the range and quality in the leather bags collection, The Jacket Maker provides a solid variety of footwear that is hard to ignore. Thus, invest in cosmopolitan and sophisticated leather shoes for men that can also be custom-ordered to fit your foot size perfectly.