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About Shearling Coats For Men

There are different leather jackets available for different purposes, and the piece of outerwear that perfectly fulfils the need for warmth and comfort in winter is none other than the shearling coat. Between their cosy fur and hip-high length, these winter coats keep your entire upper body warm on the coldest of days. The best part, however, is that you do not look like a man wrapped in a blanket when wearing them. Their function does not detract from their sharp looks and dandy sense of fashion. Some will even argue that it’s the opposite, that the fur that keeps them warm also brings bucket loads of style into the equation. Just focusing on the function for a moment, these coats are crazy warm. You can honestly wear them with just a t-shirt on most winter days. Even if the weather gets extra cold, you’ll have plenty of room for expansion and layering. As far as winter jackets and coats are concerned, shearling coats are definitely among the top ones.

Are Shearling Coats in style in the UK?

The sheepskin leather outerwear has been a part of human’s winter attire since the caveman days. It was a piece of sheepskin draped over the shoulders back in the day. It is an artistically stitched and masterfully designed icon of fashion and comfort today. This crazy long history is a clear indication of where the men’s shearling jacket stands today in the UK market and how it will stack up in the future. To provide a simple answer to this question, yes, shearling coats are as much if not more popular than before. The designs, colours and other physical features might evolve over time, but the core appeal of a furry winter coat is still here.

What Do You Wear With Shearling Coats?

The winter season is a great dressing and styling opportunity for men. Men’s summer clothes tend to be simple and lightweight and often without a hint of fashion. Winter, on the other hand, allows men to wear fancy clothing, layer up garments to create interesting combinations, and accessorise to their heart’s content. So, it is no wonder that the men’s shearling jackets in the UK play such a critical part in that winter fashion. The options, in terms of styling, are also wide open. If it’s a particularly cold day, and the regular business casual clothing isn’t cutting it, you can try and integrate a black shearling coat into the mix. Pairing a furry shearling coat with a light-coloured shirt and a pair of blue jeans is a simple yet effective method of attaining a classy look. If it’s extra cold, you can also layer up your coat with a woollen sweater and a matching tie to tie the whole outfit together. Shearling jackets also make a great piece of outerwear for weekends, hanging out with friends, and even parties. A great example of this type of outfitting would be a combination of a brown shearling coat, a pair of light blue jeans, and a cream coloured polo-neck. This will give you that streetwear vibe while keeping you comfortable through and through.

Is Faux Fur as Good as Real Fur?

If we look around the internet, there seem to be a lot of negative connotations regarding faux fur. This mostly stems from low-quality faux fur used in cheap, mass-produced coats and jackets. In reality, a proper high-quality fur used in faux shearling coats is as good, if not better, than the fur in real shearling coats, as it is completely vegan and also easier to clean.

Custom Shearling Coats in UK

We here at The Jacket Maker offer an extensive range of shearling jackets and other men’s leather trench coats in the UK. There is something for everyone to like here. However, we do understand the value a leather jacket holds in a man’s closet. Purchasing one is an important decision, and you can’t just buy a new one if you don’t like the one you just got. To alleviate this issue, we offer a custom shearling coat service. All you have to do is provide the required information on our website, and we will take the wheel from there. By communicating with our talented designers, you’ll be able to get a shearling coat that looks exactly how you wanted, down to the last stitch.