Leather Trench Coats for Women

Leather Trench coats are similar to long leather coats that are an immaculate choice for making a style statement without withdrawing from their inherent functional purpose. This outerwear is classy and multifaceted, and real full-grain leather being the fabric of choice, the durability and longevity of the apparel is undeniable. The Jacket Maker has a versatile collection of leather trench coats for women – from monochrome tones to vibrant maroon and silver, there’s something available for everyone.

Types Of Leather Trench Coat For Women

In terms of design and functionality, leather trench coats for women are available in many varieties. From the classic single-breasted monochromatic leather coats to the belted silver and maroon numbers. Here are some of the best leather trench coats offered by The Jacket Maker.

Single-Breasted Black Leather Trench Coats

A single-breasted, black leather trench coat for women constructed with real cowhide leather. The semi-aniline finish makes this cosmopolitan and casual leather trench coat resistant to abrasions and long-lasting. The internal shell of the coat is made with quilted polyester lining – fermenting a strong and protective layer. There’s a single column of buttoned closure along with a notch collar, back vent, and an open hem cuff style.

Belted Silver Long Leather Trench Coat

A sheepskin aniline leather trench coat with an internal shell constructed with quilted viscose lining. A buttoned closure with a notch collar and open hem cuff style is the statement trench coat design that it authentically follows. There’s a belt placed on the waistline for tightening or loosening the grip – for better fitting.

Brown Short Leather Trench Coat

An exquisitely designed women’s leather trench coat made from strong and durable cowhide leather. This single-breasted leather trench coat has a semi-aniline finish and a quilted polyester lining as its internal shell. It comes with an open hem cuff style, a back vent, a notch collar, and the signature single-columned buttoned closure.

Metallic Maroon Leather Trench Coat

This is a real leather trench coat that is made from sheepskin leather and has a beautiful aniline finish; making it extremely breathable. The maroon metallic number has a quilted viscose lining that makes it extremely comfortable. With two external pockets, this coat forms a utilitarian look. It has a buttoned closure with a waist belt, a notch collar design, and an open hem cuff style. Do check out the custom leather jackets and coats offered by The Jacket Maker.

Hooded Black Trench Coat

A black hooded leather trench coat that is functional and authentically utilitarian. Constructed with sheepskin leather and aniline finish, this leather trench coat has a quilted polyester lining. It has a hooded collar design with shoulder epaulets and a belted and buttoned closure.

Quilted Black Leather Trench Coat

A gorgeous and sleek leather trench coat with a quilted design that makes it seem high-end and a luxurious purchase. It is exquisitely crafted with real sheepskin leather and gives a breathable aniline finish. With a quilted viscose lining, this leather trench coat becomes a number one choice for winter weather. In addition to the notch collar and open hem cuff style, this leather trench coat has two external pockets and a buttoned closure with a belt.

Custom Jackets And Coats At The Jacket Maker

To buy utilitarian and stylish women’s leather jackets and coats, you need to look no further than The Jacket Maker – your one-stop shop for all things leather. From custom jackets and coats to leather bags and shoes, you can treat yourself to exquisite custom leather designs.

Are leather trench coats worth it?

If you’re a working woman or a style enthusiast, a women’s leather blazer and a real leather trench coat are game-changers that you need to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. They are truly investment pieces that your capsule wardrobe needs due to their versatility and signature appeal.

Do people still wear leather trench coats?

Asking people if they still wear leather trench coats is like asking if women’s suede jackets still exist. Of course, leather trench coats are timeless additions to your wardrobe and one must always invest in them for long-term styling purposes.

How should a leather trench coat fit?

Women’s winter coats or trench coats should always fit like a glove. Most of the time, these coats are designed with belts on the waistline that add more comfort and provide better fitting.

Should you size up or down for a trench coat?

You should always size up for a trench coat.

Are leather trench coats timeless?

Just like women’s fur shearling leather jackets, leather trench coats are also timeless as they have a classic look with high functional properties that remain useful in your wardrobe for the long haul.


Women’s long leather coats are timeless, sophisticated apparel that is easily incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. Due to their high functional properties, high-end frame and visual appeal, these coats are resourceful and are the number one choice for stylists. The Jacket Maker offers a versatile collection of both women’s and men’s leather trench coats that you must check out – they’re affordable, high-quality, and extremely stylish.