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Women’s Long Leather Coat – Fashion & Functionality

A leather long coat is not only a fashion statement but also an essential clothing item in every woman’s winter wardrobe. A woman’s long leather coat is an expensive investment that lasts for a long haul. Hence, it is recommended that they purchase a long leather coat that is functional but also aesthetically pleasing and versatile.

The way you purchase women’s leather jackets, you should also consider the same features in mind when you buy a long leather coat. From the use of exquisite materials to high-quality construction and modish designs, you should look into every minute detail of a long leather coat. In this guide, we’re going to take you through the versatile collection of long leather coats offered by The Jacket Maker – a company which is a breakthrough in the global leather industry.

Features Of Women’s Long Leather Jackets

Ideally, a leather jacket that is long is known as a trench coat. Sometimes, while referring to a women’s leather blazer, the term a long leather coat is often used; factually incorrect. So, what would one identify as a long leather coat?

Well, the collection of long leather coats offered by The Jacket Maker has buttoned closure (except for the Sandy Tan Dye trench coat that has a zippered closure) with an open hem cuff style and a notch collar design. You will find trench coats and leather blazers in the long leather coat collection.

These long coats are available in different designs and functional elements. For instance, there are both double-breasted and single-breasted leather coats. These coats have shoulder epaulets, belts, and buckles as well that provide better fitting and protection from harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. There’s plenty of utility thanks to the integration of several internal and external pockets.

Single Breasted Trench Coat vs. Double Breasted Trench Coat – Long Leather Coat For Women

The Jacket Makers provides a versatile range of long leather coats for women. They have both single-breasted and double-breasted trench coats. Single-breasted leather coats have a singular column of buttoned closure whereas double-breasted leather coats have two columns of buttons on the front. The Sweet Susan black leather trench coat is an example (and one of our best-sellers) of a double-breasted leather trench coat. The Alexis brown is a single-breasted leather trench coat that is sleek in design and appropriate for both formal and casual looks.

Colors Of Women’s Long Leather Jacket Collection

Looking at our long black leather jacket collection, you can say that it is a complete package. Constructed with rich and real sheepskin and/or cowhide leather, the long leather coats have an internal shell of quilted viscose lining.

In regard to the finishing, you have a semi-aniline and aniline finish that adds breathability and resistance to abrasions. If you’re especially interested in women’s suede jackets, you might find an inclination towards our Norma Brown Nubuck Blazer; a long leather coat with a fuzzy feel. And if you’re feeling funky and eccentric, our Sandy Tan Dye leather coat is your answer.

From the monochrome blacks to the understated browns, sophisticated white, modish maroon, and trendy tan, the collection has a wide range of colors available. There are hooded long leather coats that shield you from the unpredictability of weather, comfort you in solace, and answer your prayers for the universality of fashion.

Where To Buy The Best Long Leather Jacket For Women?

If you’re searching for sophisticated custom jackets and coats for women, The Jacket Maker is the one-stop solution for you. It provides a versatile collection of women’s fur and shearling leather jackets, trench coats, leather blazers, hooded jackets, and much more. The leather outerwear is made from real full-grain leather, the finest of leather grades. The collection is eclectic with impressive features and fabrics.

What Is A Long Leather Coat Called?

A trench coat is known as a long leather jacket for women.

Do People Still Wear Long Leather Coats?

Yes, people still wear long leather coats. Women’s winter coats as one of the most essential pieces of garments in their capsule wardrobes. They’re stylish, functional, and extremely versatile.

Why Are Leather Coats So Expensive?

Leather coats are expensive because of the longevity, functionality, and versatility they bring to the table. These coats are often considered long-term investments – most people take out these clothes once every year during winter and sometimes even during fall.

How Much Does A Good Leather Coat Cost?

A good long leather coat can cost you somewhere between $300 to $450 by The Jacket Maker.

What Is The Difference Between A Leather Coat And A Jacket?

A leather long jacket is long in terms of length and can extend to the knees. These coats are commonly known as women’s leather trench coats. The leather jackets on the other hand are short and reach just below the waistline.


The long leather coats offered by The Jacket Maker are eclectic and supremely versatile in terms of functionality and fashion. They are available in different leather types ranging from sheepskin to cowhide leather. They have unique and sophisticated finishing and robust construction. Also, take a look at the cosmopolitan and dapper collection of men’s leather trench coats.