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Whether it's a B-3 that you're after, which is a bomber jacket in a leather and fur lined combination, or a G-1 which is a leather bomber jacket with a fur collar. We will guide you on the many types of bomber jackets, explaining the differences between an A-2 and a B-10 or an A-1 and a B-6. We will assist you at every step from start to finish.


Offering you fabrics that include leather, nylon, wool and cashmere, cotton, polyester, suede, fleece, poly-cotton and satin. In any colour you wish and detail that complements your bomber jacket design. We'll advise you on style elements and closure types, assisting you to achieve a personalized bomber jacket that reflects your personality.

Embroidered Bomber Jackets

There’s nothing cooler than personalizing your bomber jacket through creative embroidery. A custom print, an artistic badge, logo or symbolic patch or better yet, a design with your name.

Custom Aviator & Flight Jackets

Aviator and flight jackets have a mobility that transcends gender, age or location. We'll help you through ribbed cuffs and collars, shearling lining or naval elements incorporated into your own Custom Aviator and Flight Jacket.

About Custom Bomber Jackets

An outerwear that has been very popular worldwide is leather jackets. It is true that the leather jackets were introduced in the US military but ever since their origin they have gained the fame that it needs. Since then leather jackets have never been out of style.

With the leather jackets, there have been multiple styles of jackets for both men and women, whether they be leather aviator jackets, and leather bomber jackets. Well, these are just some of the few from the list and this fashion list goes on and on.

However, The Jacket Maker has a list of leather jacket types, but we also provide bespoke services. As we believe that customizing your coat or jacket according to yourself says a lot about who you are. So if you are looking for custom bomber jackets in the UK then you are at the right place for your chic outerwear.

Custom Bomber Jackets In The UK

Customized and personalized bomber jackets present a special chance to give your clothing a distinctive personal touch. You may design a jacket that accurately represents your personality with the many customizing choices offered. There are countless ways to customize your jacket, whether you choose to print for an artistic touch on custom varsity jackets, or maybe go for a bomber jacket with custom embroidery, like on a leather bomber jacket for women, embossing in your favorite classic bomber style or patch stitching. Additionally, you can be confident that your jacket will fit you perfectly because custom leather jackets are stitched when they are bought.

When it comes to custom bomber jackets for men and women you can even have detachable hoods with fur or without fur, and zippers made for your jacket, which does come under custom jackets.

What Type Of Material Can You Use For A Custom Bomber Jacket In The UK?

It is not necessary that you can just customize a bomber jacket, you can even get your hands on custom jackets like custom flight jackets and custom aviator jackets. You can get custom men’s and women’s leather jackets, however, we are not just limited to leather as leather is good for cold weather. On the other hand, you can customize your jacket in denim which is good for spring and is great outerwear. If you are not interested in any of these fabrics, you can even opt for polyester or parachute fabric which is light in weight.

Apart from the outer fabric, you can even get a fur lining on the inside of the bomber jacket. Apart from that, you can add a cotton lining in your denim jacket, or polyester lining if it suits your custom bomber jacket.

How To Design Custom Embroidered Bomber Jackets In The UK?

Designing custom leather jackets can be quite a task but this process can be very fun for an individual as a person tends to reflect his or her personality while designing a jacket. If you want an embroidered bomber jacket for women or men make sure to put your thought before you start on with the process. You can opt for a biker, aviator, or bomber jacket with custom embroidery. Initially for your custom embroidered bomber jacket in the UK, draw or get a pattern drawn that you like.

You can provide this pattern to The Jacket Maker, and we can help you get this custom embroidery to life. Either, get patches made and get them attached to your jacket or directly get embroidery done on your outerwear. Such patterns are tacky and attractive at the same time.

Real Leather Custom Bomber Jackets

A number of animal hides are used to make leather, although cowhide is the most common choice for heavy-duty coats. Buffalo and horse hides are also utilized. Although more exotic leathers, such as kangaroos, are also utilized, sheep, pig, and goat hides are typically used to make lightweight leather jackets. The Jacket Maker deals in real leather jackets and has a variety of leather bomber jackets in multiple different designs. However, we do not restrict our customers to the designs we have, as we also deal in bespoke real leather custom bomber jackets. Real leather is soft and supple and keeps you warm at the same time, thus anyone who decides to invest in real leather jackets should know that these jackets will last you a lifetime. Also, if you are someone who wants to get a bespoke leather bomber jacket then we are going to abide by your design and get a real leather jacket made just according to your liking.

Create Your Personalized Bomber Jacket With The Jacket Maker

At The Jacket Maker, we value customization and think everyone should have access to a bespoke bomber jacket that precisely captures their unique sense of style whether it be bomber hoodie jackets or vintage aviator jackets. Because of this, we provide a variety of customization options, ranging from selecting your own fabric to including custom embroidery. We also offer personalized bomber jackets with no minimum order quantity because we are aware that not everyone has the same wants. We can thus assist you whether you’re a high school sophomore looking to design a bomber varsity jacket for your practice sessions, a manager looking to buy custom bomber jackets in bulk for your entire company, or an It-girl searching for a stunning custom embroidered bomber jacket. Our professional design advisors will be available to answer any questions you may have about your custom bomber jacket because we understand that each purchase is unique. Are you prepared to begin? Fill out the request form to start creating your ideal personalized bomber jacket right away.