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The Jacket Maker offers custom dress shoes for men. Offering you a facility to get any kind of dress shoes made in any color, style, material, finish and detail of your choice.

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Dress Shoes
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Customize your dress shoes in any way you like. Our custom dress shoes are handmade one shoe pair at a time with unlimited personalization options & free assistance from our design consultants.

Best Custom
Fit Dress

Each foot is unique and everyone has different requirements. The best fit dress shoes determine your comfort and define your personality – that’s why you shouldn’t settle for an ordinary pair of shoes.

About Custom Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are an essential part of fashion. They are the ideal footwear for any professional, formal, or semi-formal events. Not to mention their unbreakable connection with suits for men and sharp dresses for women. To summarize, everyone needs at least one pair of dress shoes in their wardrobe, and going with custom fitted dress shoes will ensure that that one pair is the best fit for you.

Plus, if dress shoes aren’t on your radar, we offer custom moccasins, custom loafers, and other quality custom designed shoes as well.

Custom Dress Shoes Customizations

You get complete control over every aspect of your dress shoes by going with custom made dress shoes. Here are a few of the most important customization options at your disposal.

Custom Dress Shoes Design Customization

You can choose almost any popular men’s leather dress shoes design through our men’s custom shoes service including derby shoes, oxford leather shoes, and more. You can base this choice on the outfits you already own, your situation, or your personal sense of style. That said, picking a base design like custom wholecut shoes is only the beginning. Once you have the right style in mind, the next step is to customize that design however you want. Even minute details like the amount of broguing on your custom oxford shoes are for you to decide. You can even combine elements from two different designs for truly custom footwear.

Custom Dress Shoes Color and Finish Options

Finding a pair of dress shoes with a specific shade of color and leather finish can be extremely time consuming. It becomes even more unlikely when you consider the overall design and fit of the shoes as well. Opting for our custom made shoes, on the other hand, ensures that you get the exact color and leather finish you want. Our custom formal shoes service comes with free design consultancy as well. So, if you’re unsure about the color, finish, or any other detail of your custom leather shoes, our talented designers will be happy to guide you through the process.

Custom Dress Shoes Size and Shape

Even the best custom dress shoes for men might feel uncomfortable if the shape or size of your feet deviates from the average. You’ll have to learn how to stretch leather shoes and sometimes that isn’t enough either. Going with our handmade custom dress shoes, on the other hand, ensures that your dress shoes fit perfectly without any discomfort. These custom size dress shoes are especially handy for folks that regularly wear dress shoes for long periods of time.

Bespoke Custom Dress Shoes Quality That’s Worth Investment

Picking TheJacketMaker as the custom dress shoes supplier of your choice comes with a guarantee of quality. Both men’s and women’s custom shoes from our service are crafted to last you a long time and here’s how:

Custom Dress Shoes Premium Materials

We do not skimp on materials quality for our wholesale custom dress shoes or custom boots. The upper of these is crafted from the highest quality full grain leather known for its long-term durability and resilience. This upper is also paired with a Buffalo Compresses sole and a real leather heel stack to keep the quality consistent.

Expert Construction

Our expert craftsmen make each shoe by hand and utilize techniques like Blake stitching and Goodyear Welt stitching to ensure maximum quality. These handmade dress shoes also go through several quality control checks so that the shoe you receive is both durable and comfortable.

Quality Service

A direct-to-consumer business model allows us to provide exceptional service at every turn. From an intuitive design process with free consultation and digital mockups to free international shipping, every step of buying custom dress shoes for women and men from us is as effortless as possible.