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Design Your Own Custom Windbreaker Jackets With Your Embroidery, Color & Fabric.

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We help you achieve a customized windbreaker jacket designed to detail based on your lifestyle, personality and requirements. Whether that be something water resistant, packable or hooded. We will walk you through every step of this creative customized process to ensure you get an ideal personalized windbreaker jacket that serves you stylishly in every way.


Offering you fabrics that include Nylon, Polyester, Micro-Polyester and Tricot in various colours, to special features such as insulation and various types of lining, from fleece to cotton or mesh. Colour blocking, full; half and ¼ zipper closure types to snap closure and many options that we are glad to advise you on based on your requirements.

Custom Down Jackets

Add your choice of warm and soft insulation to achieve your perfect custom down jacket.

Custom Quilted Windbreakers

Quilting and padding add some extra plus points in visibility, feel and finish of any jacket and windbreakers are no exception.

About Custom Windbreaker Jackets

Custom windbreakers or custom windbreaker jackets are lightweight jackets that are designed to offer protection from windy weather and light rain. The lightweight construction of custom windbreaker jackets makes them supremely comfortable and highly wearable.

If you’re tired of wearing leather jackets and want to choose a synthetic material for your outerwear during summer or transitional weather, we highly recommend buying our custom-made windbreaker jackets. Getting a customized windbreaker jacket allows you to be comfortable during your athletic endeavors. Some of our custom windbreakers are available in the category of hooded jackets.

The reason we believe custom windbreakers are the best type of jacket is because they are integrated with elasticated cuffs and waistbands along with zipper closures. You can get custom-made windbreaker jackets with additional features to make them more personalized so they meet your needs seamlessly.

The Jacket Maker is a global apparel brand that offers made-to-measure jackets with high-quality craftsmanship and stylish designs. Get in touch with us to buy custom windbreaker jackets of your choice. Our collection is eclectic with several colors, functional designs, and distinct finishing standards. Continue to learn more about our custom windbreakers and how you can get windbreaker jackets via custom order.

Can You Wear Custom Windbreaker Jackets in the Summer?

Custom windbreakers are a must-have for summer. You should invest in custom windbreaker jackets not only because they are lightweight and packable, but also because they look effortlessly cool and have brilliant functionalities that make your day-to-day activities smooth and seamless.

Custom-made windbreaker jackets are usually mistaken as winter jackets only. But that is far from reality. Customized windbreakers are also known as softshell jackets that provide resistance to rain and complete protection from harsh winds. Due to being lightweight, this jacket doesn’t provide the same level of warmth as other winter coats and jackets (like down jackets or custom parka jackets) but you can use customized windbreakers as middle layers for added comfort when the temperature drops low.

Some of the features that make custom windbreaker jackets great for transitional weather include elasticated cuffs, hooded collars, and zipper closures. You can get custom windbreaker jackets with logos or other personalizations, like embroidery and embossing. Give your custom windbreakers a distinct look by choosing a loud or flamboyant color with a flashy finish.

Custom windbreaker jackets give you the boxy room and comfort of bomber jackets. They are usually constructed with a synthetic material, like most puffer jackets and puffer vests. Therefore, if you were initially planning to order custom bomber jackets but are worried that it’s nothing new – get windbreaker jackets via custom order. Our custom-made jackets in windbreaker designs are as practical and comfortable as bomber jackets and as stylish and cool as our custom leather jackets.

Buy Custom Windbreakers for Teams – Winning in Style

Custom windbreaker jackets are often ordered for sports tournaments. Sports apparel is quite popular and you have to believe us when we tell you how custom windbreaker jackets with logos are bought to unite teams and give everybody one mantra and one chant for the game. Thus, reach out to us if you want to place orders for custom team windbreaker jackets.

We provide high-quality custom windbreakers for teams regardless of the sports you’re playing. Get custom windbreakers for a team with different features, finishing styles, and colors. You can place orders for custom windbreaker jackets with logos for corporate events as well. Win in style and look as flamboyant as ever in our custom team windbreaker jackets!

Did you know you can buy women’s leather jackets in windbreaker designs as well? So, it’s time to opt for windbreaker jackets for women during the business season while keeping it sophisticated and classy with women’s winter coats for formal occasions.

Are Custom Windbreaker Jackets with Logo Waterproof?

Our windbreaker jackets via custom orders are water-resistant. These soft-shell jackets provide extreme comfort, are breathable, and have a functional design to keep you warm without feeling too hot or sweaty. Get custom windbreaker jackets with logos of your respective teams now! They are as cool as our custom denim jackets but more expensive.

FAQs about Custom Windbreaker Jackets

Why Are Windbreakers So Expensive?

Windbreaker jackets are not as expensive as other popular styles of jackets, like parka or down jackets.

What Makes a Good Windbreaker?

Comfortable lining and waterproof finishing make a windbreaker a solid apparel.

Is a Windbreaker Good for Hot Weather?

Yes, you can wear a windbreaker during winter as it offers high breathability and comfort.

What Season Do People Wear Windbreakers?

Windbreaker jackets are worn throughout the year but are an absolute must-have for transitional weather.

Can I Wear A Windbreaker When It’s Cold?

Yes, you can wear a windbreaker jacket as a layer underneath a warmer jacket when its cold.

Can You Wear a Windbreaker Over a Hoodie?

Yes, you can wear a windbreaker over a hoodie.