About Aviator Jackets For Women

In the world of [leather jackets for women, there are two styles that reign supreme: the classic bomber and the shearling aviator. Both belong to the broader category known as flight jackets; these styles have been around for more than a century. First conceived as military clothing and famous for its use by pilots in aircraft with open cockpits to get warmth and protection at higher altitudes, an aviator jacket defining feature was a design that can withstand the harsh elements. With advancements in aircraft technology, the functional use of the aviator jacket phased out over time, but the jacket style was popularized by pop culture icons and fashion innovators. While its origins are rooted in men's military clothing and war gear, the jacket made its way into women's outerwear too, and an aviator jacket womens features classic design elements skillfully merged with contemporary details to give this item that fashionable edge while retaining the functional aspect.

Materials and Design Of Women's Aviator Jacket

From the early days of flight jackets to the current date, leather is the top choice for outer shells for both classic styles: the shearling aviator and the leather bomber jacket for women across the globe wear and love. Both offer comfort and warmth, but where the bomber jacket sports round, rib-knit collar, sleeves, and waistband, the shearling aviator jacket is mostly designed with a fur collar with buckles, open hem cuffs, and shearling lining for added coziness. However, when it comes to exterior materials, the choices vary from natural to synthetic, with leather being the most preferred material, and nylon and polyester are also used in creating women's aviator jackets. The shearling aviator jacket features real fur or its faux counterparts. The design elements like boxy sleeves and relaxed silhouette of the wartime aviator and bomber jacket are also modernized to add an essence of femininity and fashion to the classic style. So whether you like a trendy cropped aviator jacket or the traditional one, there is an aviator jacket for every woman.

Women's Aviator Jacket Leather Types & Finishes

Modern fashion-forward women can't ignore the aviator jacket.It is a stylish, practical option for day-to-day wear. The fit, shape, and design of the aviator jacket offer comfort and protection when an overcoat or parka may not be a viable choice. It's one of the most versatile pieces in any girl's wardrobe, and a classic example of how design can move from functional military gear to streetwear staple. So if you're looking to add a classic piece of outerwear to your wardrobe, there are few better places to start than with a leather aviator jacket. But not all leather aviator jackets are created equal. The leather quality, type, and finish have utmost significance in determining whether your leather aviator jacket will be a great wardrobe asset or just another fast-fashion clothing item. The Jacket Maker with its commitment to giving you access to the highest quality leather jackets uses the finest full-grain leather, YKK zipper, and polyester or viscose lining to create every piece in our women's aviator jacket assortment. You'll find an eclectic range of leather aviator jackets and its types in our collection—from cowhide to sheepskin to goatskin in a variety of finishes including but not limited to aniline, semi-aniline, pull-up, burnished, and snuffed. With the aviator style MA1 leather jackets, A2 leather jackets, B3 bomber jackets and suede leather jackets who expect softness, pliability, and breathability can get and strut their stuff while getting everything they need in functional yet stylish outerwear. 

Customize A Women's Aviator Jacket 

Made from real leather and with a distinctive contrast of classic and contemporary features, our leather and women’s fur shearling jackets collection is a treasure to explore for every woman. Our collection features the dependable, classic, and versatile brown aviator jacket and black aviator jacket, the easy on the eye blue ones, and an aviator leather jacket in green for those who like to spice things up a bit. However, at The Jacket Maker, we believe in diversity and expression, so we bring you an opportunity to customize your own leather jacket. Modify the existing designs or fashion something from scratch. It's made to order, so you can have the personal touch of customizing it to your own taste.