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It all starts with leather, over the years we have become experts in leather, getting it made from one of the oldest and finest tanneries of the world. Our core proposition is finest quality leather that ranges from Lambskin, Sheepskin and Goatskin to Buffalo-hide and Cow-hide

About Custom Weekender & Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are a type of large, cylindrical bag with a drawstring top closure typically used for carrying sports equipment or other large items that need to be stored securely. Unlike most other types of bags, duffel bags do not have a rigid frame, which makes them easy to pack and transport. The word “duffel” comes from the Belgian city of Duffel, where the bags were first made. However, now the term duffel bags is now used to describe a wide variety of soft-sided bags. Also known as weekender bags lacking structure with an open-top, two handles, and an optional shoulder strap to carry essentials items for a short weekend trip, gym bags characteristically come with a zipper closure and hard bottom or a seabag when created for mariners and sailors, there are many names for a duffle bag sharing the same design, shape but for different purposes.

One of the main benefits of leather duffel bags is their versatility. They can be used for a wide variety of activities, including going to the gym, going on a weekend trip, or even as a carry-on bag for plane travel. Additionally, duffel bags are often more affordable than other types of travel leather bags](/leather-travel-bags) and leather tote bags, making them a great option for budget-minded travelers. Custom duffel bags offer an additional benefit: the ability to personalize the bag with your own unique design. Whether you want to add your initials to your custom made duffel bags or your favorite sports team logo to your custom baseball duffel bags, or a special pattern or design on personalized duffle bags for him, custom duffel bags allow you to create a bag that reflects the personal style of the user.

Custom Duffel Bags— Materials, Styles & Details

Duffel bags are typically made from durable materials such as leather, canvas, or nylon, and they often have reinforced handles and straps to provide additional support. For these reasons, duffel bags are an ideal option for storing and transporting bulky items. Depending on the use, the choice of material changes. Athletic bags like a custom gym bag are generally made of nylon and canvas, while for custom weekender bags, custom travel duffel bags, and custom weekender tote bags, leather is a more prevalent choice due to its luxe appearance, optimal strength, and durability.

When it comes to style and details, nothing gives you more room to experiment than going for a custom duffel bag. From the number of pockets and compartments you need for organizing your small items to the main compartment for bigger ones to whether you want to keep the shoulder strap or just skip it, every single detail and element of your leather bag can be custom-designed to bring your vision to life.

For personalizing your duffel bag, you have a range of options, too—with embroidery, printing, or embossing on a custom leather duffle bag; you can make it uniquely yours. Need a place to keep your keys or sunglasses handy? Add a pouch to your duffel bag for easy access. Want to stand out from the crowd? Opt for brightly colored thread or an eye-catching design on custom printed duffle bags. Whatever you choose, customizing your duffel bag is a fun and exciting thing that everyone should experience.

Custom Duffel Bags By The Jacket Maker

The Jacket Maker is a one-stop destination for all things custom, with our wide range of custom bag offerings, including but not limited to custom leather tote bags, custom leather bags and leather backpacks, custom clutch purse, custom leather portfolio, personalized handbags, custom messenger bag, and custom leather briefcase. Not to forget the custom duffel and weekender bags for everyone to travel in style and look like a million bucks with one-of-a-kind bags. This means that you can put your own personal spin on the bag you pick out. You select the color, design, material, and size that you want for your duffel bag. Best of all, The Jacket Maker offers high-quality construction and craftsmanship with the finest raw materials and free design assistance for all of its custom bag offerings. We are also a custom duffel bags wholesale supplier with a custom duffel bag no minimum order policy. One for yourself or a customized one for the entire team, we can create it for you, and shipping is on us too. To start the process, fill out the custom order request form today!

Design Your Custom Duffle Bags with Name or Logo Create a personalized duffle bag featuring your logo, perfect for individuals and teams. The Jacket Maker provides a vast array of customization options for designing your unique custom duffle bag with embossed name or logo.