B3 Bomber Jackets for Men & Women

Jackets and men’s sheepskin coats are a mainstay in cold regions of the world. This has stayed true as far back as the caveman days when early humans used animal hide as a protective barrier from the cold. However, things have progressed a lot over time, and the B3 bomber jackets for men & women are the ultimate form of a winter jacket. But what gives these superiorities over the other leather bomber jackets on the market? Well, the attribute that makes the B3 leather bomber jacket for women & men better is their ideal mixture of style and cold resistance. More importantly, these bomber jackets actually look like a jacket as opposed to a quilt with sleeves while also offering warmth similar to those bulky winter coats.

B3 Bomber Jacket Style for Men

Styling a B3 bomber jacket for men is similar to regular men’s leather jackets while also being completely different. On the one hand, you can wear these jackets over almost everything in your closet, and the resulting outfits would be pretty decent at their worst. On the other hand, summer outfits like a crew neck t-shirt alongside ripped jeans and sandals will not look bad under these jackets; they just look out of place. So, you have to be mindful of your clothing choices when styling men’s faux fur jackets. A fanatic example of a brown leather bomber jacket outfit would pair it with navy blue jeans, black leather boots, a gray turtleneck, and a charcoal scarf. The scarf is not an accessory here and is an essential part of the outfit. Without it, the whole ensemble feels incomplete and a bit bland. A more professional outfit will start with a light blue button-up with a dark blue tie and a pair of gray woolen pants. This outfit is then topped with a black ma1 bomber jacket and completed with a pair of black shiny leather shoes. The other approach to styling men’s B3 bomber jackets is to accentuate the military origins and twist them into functional outfits. For example, you can rock a brown g1 flight jacket with light brown fur on top of a gray turtleneck and well-fitted cargo pants. The last piece of this puzzle is the pair of brown high-top compact boots. Accessorize with a vintage military watch and a brown distressed leather bag to add further credibility to your vibe.

B3 Bomber Jacket Style for Women

Most women’s leather jackets are designed to be slender and figure-flattering. That’s why the B3 bomber jacket is a beacon of opportunity for women, as it offers something experimental and exciting. The best way to avail this opportunity is to focus on comfort. An outfit with this approach includes a pair of black winter leggings, a loose-fitting wool knit turtleneck in either white or cream, and a pair of brown furry ugg boots. All of this is then topped by a brown a2 leather flight jacket with light brown or white faux fur. If you want a bit more glamor in your B3 bomber outfits, pick a shiny black shearling jacket for women and pair it with vibrant clothes that break the grayscale atmosphere of winter. Red or purple tops with blue or white jeans are an excellent combo for this fabulous ensemble.

Custom B3 Bomber Jackets for Men & Women

If none of the pre-existing B3 bomber jackets for men and women in our collection tickle your fancy, get in contact with us. We would love to hear about your dream piece of outerwear and tailor make it for you while giving you complete control over every little detail.