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Belted Leather Jackets For Men & Women

Belted leather jackets have been in style since decades. The main reason behind the belted leather jacket is to hold the leather jacket together in harsh winds while riding a bike. Some jackets also offer waist adjustment belts that allow the jacket to fit perfectly upon you. The belted leather jacket mainly lies under the biker jacket category which mainly offers waist belts in addition to securing the overall insulation of the jacket.

Belted Leather Jackets Material

The leather belted jacket is made out of the highest quality material, that is full grain leather. The leather tends to last for decades when maintained properly. The type of leather which is mainly used in order to make belted leather jacket mens is of cowhide, goatskin, calfskin or sheepskin. The leather is sturdy, smooth and supple that exudes the overall look of the jacket and makes it look stylish and fashionable.

Belted Leather Jackets Styles

The belted lightweight jacket mainly follows the style of a biker leather jacket. The double rider leather jackets are the only ones that feature a waist belt on it, be it for men or women. The leather jacket provides a rugged and bold look to it that highlights the overall ensemble and helps the wearer in achieving a baddie look. The leather motorcycle jacket offers great support in order to make the jacket fit perfectly over the body that highlights the overall look of the jacket.

Colors of Belted Leather Jacket

The belted biker jacket is available in a large array of colors that would help anyone choose the right one for them. From the classic colors to more vibrant options. The belted jackets in women’s leather biker jackets are something that could be styled over anything possible. Be it a women’s biker jacket or belted men’s biker jacket, The Jacket Maker has covered everyone’s choice. The classic colors include, black and brown which are the best in order to pair with any outfit possible, apart from the ordinary, the belted leather jacket is also available in red, green, tan and blue.

How to Style a Belted Leather Jacket

The belted leather jacket is something that can be universally styled over any outfit. But in order to achieve the most out of it, you can easily pair it with an all black outfit and let the jacket highlight the overall ensemble and voila! You will be all set for a rugged baddie look. You can style the black leather biker jacket business casual, you just have to put on a plain button down shirt tucked in a black cotton jeans and oxford shoes in the feet and let the jacket exude your overall outfit for the day.

Customize Your Own Leather Belted Jacket

If you want to design your own jacket, or want a jacket tailored right at your size so it could fit you like a glove, The Jacket Maker has got you covered in every way possible with its custom bespoke process that allows you to customize your jacket in any way possible. Be it any artwork or embroidery, you just have to connect to our customer service who will definitely guide your way through in order to achieve the most out of The Jacket Maker.