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G1 Bomber Jackets For Men & Women

Born as a military necessity during world war II, the G1 bomber jacket for men & women has since become a mainstay leather jacket fashion. While there are other military-inspired winter jackets out there like the b3 bomber jacket, none strike as good a balance of cold protection and sleek design as the G1 bomber. It has the iconic furry collar found in B3 bombers alongside the body-fit silhouette of an a2 leather flight jacket – making it ideal for areas with relatively mild winters or cold transitional seasons like early spring and late fall. The best part about this jacket, however, is its remarkable design that will keep you stylish on many occasions, in many styles. Its ma1 bomber jacket-esque straight cut shape opens it up to a variety of experimental outfits, while the fur on the color keeps it compatible with traditional military-inspired looks. Let’s dive a bit deeper into ways to style this jacket.

Styling G1 Bomber Jackets for Men

The easiest way of styling a G1 bomber jacket is to wear it over any outfit that’s compatible with regular men’s leather jackets, with a few exceptions. One prominent exception is hoodies and hooded sweatshirts because the hood will get in the way of the large collar. You can wear a hoodie by keeping the hood inside the jacket, but that will completely defeat the purpose of wearing a hood under a jacket in the first place. Now to the outfits that are an exceptional match to these leather bomber jackets. G1 bomber jackets have a fairly iconic design, and you can take advantage of that for a low-effort, high reward ensemble. The objective here is to focus all of the attention on the jacket while keeping the rest of the outfit as minimal as possible. The more convenient option here is to go with an all-black attire with little to no detail. A black V-neck, black tight-fit jeans and black leather sneakers are perfect for this job. However, a more memorable way of displaying the men’s faux fur jacket is to wear it over full white. You will still draw the majority of the attention towards the dark jackets, but the white ensemble will make you stand out as a whole. A white button-up, white straight cut jeans, and white low-tops are the way to go here. If you’re looking for outfits that are a bit more coherent and “normal,” then rock a dark brown men’s sheepskin coat with a black fur collar over a dark Henley shirt (ideally navy blue or charcoal), a pair of black jeans, and black leather boots.

Styling G1 Bomber Jackets for Women

G1 leather bomber jacket for women offers a massive opportunity for slightly wacky and imaginative outfits with an artsy twist. The crux of this operation is the idea of contrasting a vintage-looking military style women’s leather jackets against cutesy and colorful outfits in unique silhouettes. For example, start the outfit with bright blue bell bottom jeans and top them off with a yellow crop top with a red floral pattern. Rock white floral high-top sneakers and finish the look with a distressed brown G1 shearling jacket for women. You can also swap out the jeans for an A-line skirt and crop top for a flared tube top to further emphasize the contract.

Custom G1 Bomber Jackets for Men & Women

Our existing catalog of G1 bomber jackets for men and & women already includes the most iconic designs that everyone loves. But if you want something different or custom, get in contact, and we’ll happily craft it for you.