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About Leather Backpacks

Whether you’re a student or an avid traveler, backpacks are perfect to carry stuff completely hands-free. The right backpack will also complete your look and complement your outfit. But since you’re entrusting your belongings to the bag, you want it to be durable and reliable. And what better way to ensure that, than with one of our handmade leather backpacks?

Leather Backpacks Worth Your Investment

At TruCarry, we strive to provide our customers with the best leather bags at reasonable prices. Here’s what you can expect from one of our leather backpacks.

Quality Material Selection For Leather Backpack For Men & Women

We choose the best leather backpack materials available on the market. Specifically, we use high-quality naturally milled full-grain leather which is not only durable but will also develop a gorgeous patina over time. The insides of our full-grain leather backpack for men and women are also lined with premium cotton twill that’s just as durable and long-lasting as the top-grade leather on the outside. Even the smaller stuff like zippers and accessories are chrome finished to prevent rust in the long run.

Leather Backpack Expert Craftsmanship

Our talented craftsmen transform these premium materials into real leather backpacks worth your hard-earned money. They are produced in small batches and by hand to maintain the high quality standards. Plus, each of our leather travel backpacks for men and women are equipped with flawless stitching and fine edges & curves.

Leather Backpack Variety & Customization

The men’s leather backpacks we offer come in four distinct colors. A black leather backpack is a universal option that works in almost any scenario, and the same is true for the grey leather backpack. The brown leather backpack offers the look and feel of a vintage leather backpack and the blue leather backpack is for folks who want to make their backpack a part of their fashion and style. These four are just the base options, though, and you can customize them however you like. Self-expression and creativity are an intrinsic part of the TruCarry brand. That’s why the exact look and design of your TruCarry custom backpack is in your hand.

Leather Backpack Fair Pricing

Our prices are as fair as they get, whether you’re interested in the standard 17-inch leather backpack or need a large leather backpack with several customizations. Plus, the process of buying one of our women’s and men’s leather backpacks is extremely streamlined — all thanks to our short supply chain and direct-to-consumer model.

Other Quality Leather Bags We Offer

These are the other types of leather bags we offer to equip you for different situations.

Messenger Bag

TruCarry leather messenger bags are the perfect alternative to leather backpacks for work for folk working an office job. They’re durable, spacious, and fashionable.


Our men’s leather briefcase options are as functional as they are stylish. They’ll carry all of your belongings and paperwork effortlessly while also making you look like a fine gentleman.


TruCarry leather folio is ideal for men and women who want to carry light. They can hold a surprisingly large amount of paperwork, notebooks, and stationery while staying slim enough for a one hand carry.

Tote Bags

Our leather tote bags are a trendy alternative to leather backpacks for women and men. These can carry just as much stuff while also being easier to carry around.

Laptop Sleeve

If your go-to carry items consist of a laptop and some paperwork, our leather laptop sleeves are the perfect option for you. They are also much more portable than leather laptop backpacks.

Duffle Bag

Need a bag for travel, look no further than our leather duffle bags. They are both large enough for almost everything you need to carry, and strong enough to withstand years of traveling with ease.