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Best Handmade Full-Grain Real Leather Laptop Sleeves For Men & Women

Some things in our lives have become essential for us. In this fast, hi-tech world all the men and women have been working day and night, and when it comes to hi-tech, all we can think of is the internet.

In this modern paperless world, all of our work has been transferred over laptops and PCs. One has to take their laptop back and forth from home to work and vice versa. However, these devices are fragile and should be handled with care so, in this case, we feel like the laptop sleeve leather comes in handy.

The Jacket Maker has introduced another of their leather bags which are the leather laptop sleeves which are made out of premium quality leather keeping your laptop safe and giving you a classy look.

Are leather laptop sleeves good?

When we talk about leather business bags, they are designed in a way that is useful for the working people out there. Thus a leather laptop sleeve is definitely a great buy as it keeps your laptop secure. The type of animal hide that is used is thick and flexible at the same time, so it does not get damaged easily. It also gives a good grip for you to carry it around, also the leather patina gives you a good vibe.

Should my laptop sleeve be bigger than my laptop?

When you are picking out leather bags like leather backpacks you need them to be spacious but that is not the case when picking a leather laptop sleeve. When you are buying a laptop sleeve leather make sure that it fits your laptop, leaving just a little room so that the sleeve does not stretch from the corners and get damaged. Like a leather 13 inch laptop sleeve can fit a slightly smaller laptop, you should not try fitting in a 13 inch laptop in such types of leather laptop sleeves.

What to look for when buying a laptop sleeve?

It is important for you to look at all the aspects of a bag when you are buying it, for example when you are buying leather tote bags you have to look at the capacity and think if all your items are going to fit. On the other hand leather duffle bags need to be rough and tough as you travel. As for the full grain leather laptop sleeves, you should make sure that the fit is slightly bigger than the laptop. If you cannot get a laptop sleeve leather according to the size of your laptop then you can get custom leather bags. Moreover, it should have a small compartment to keep your USBs. The outer of your leather laptop sleeve should be glossy with a good look. Also, if you buy a leather laptop sleeve with a strap then that is also a plus point.

What is the difference between a laptop case and a laptop sleeve?

The laptop case has handles to carry around your laptop, also it can also have other pockets for your charger and some other stuff. But, the laptop case is not like this, instead, it is just like a skin on your laptop so that your laptop does not get damaged. The laptop sleeve leather can resemble a bit to the leather folio as you can tuck it under your arm just like the leather laptop sleeves. The Jacket Maker offers premium quality leather laptop sleeves whether it be macbook pro leather sleeves, a leather 13 inch laptop sleeve or a leather 14 inch laptop sleeve.

Do I need a laptop sleeve or bag?

Yes, you highly require a laptop sleeve or a bag. If you do not specifically want a leather sleeve then you can even opt for leather messenger bags or any other leather crossbody bags as they can fit most of your office use things, also leather briefcases are great for keeping laptops too. If you really want to buy a laptop sleeve then do it according to your laptop as The Jacket Maker owns types of real leather laptop sleeves like the leather 13 inch laptop sleeve, macbook pro leather sleeve, leather 14 inch laptop sleeve etc. However, you can also pick from the different colors we have, like the black, blue, brown or grey leather laptop sleeve.

Does The Jacket Maker offer a leather 14 inch laptop sleeve?

Yes, The Jacket Maker does offer a leather 14 inch laptop sleeve as well as macbook pro leather sleeves. However, if you do not want the one that is in our product list you can get it custom made like the custom bags.

Custom handmade leather laptop sleeve

The Jacket Maker offers its customers to get a custom leather laptop sleeve then whether they be custom messenger bags or custom leather travel bags you can get them all. Our customer representative is going to help you fill out your requirements for your bags. If you want your macbook pro leather sleeves customized then choose your customization. Get it embroidered or patched or you can even choose the type of accessories you want us to put on your macbook pro leather sleeves. The Jacket Maker gives attention to detail and our craftsmen do not leave anything behind. Once we jot down the things you need our craftsmen stitch up your laptop sleeve by hand and the finishing is exceptional.