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Men's Leather Shirt Jackets

Serving as an absolutely gorgeous and modern piece of layering, men’s leather shirt jackets designed by The Jacket Maker are cosmopolitan and edgy at the same time. The artisans behind the creative execution of leather shirt jackets show meticulous attention to details – from stitching to the silhouettes to the color variety and leather texture attained via finishing and other processing.

Elevate your wardrobe and style by selecting a men’s leather shirt jacket from the exquisite collection. Look ravishing, sleek, and sophisticated in the eclectic and contemporary men’s wear. You can wear this particular garment with a men’s sheepskin coat or a suede jacket to dress up or down your outfit to match the settings of your environment.

Men’s Leather Shirt Jacket – Craftsmanship & Design

Choose a leather shacket from this trendy and functional collection by The Jacket Maker. The variety of materials used to produce the exemplary assemblage includes sheepskin and goatskin leather that is further enhanced with the application of different types of finishing – burnishing, semi-aniline, suede, etc.

The importance of finishing cannot be emphasized enough as it adds an element of softness and breathability to the material. Hence, the men’s leather jacket becomes porous and breathable to another level, making it an excellent choice for changing weather conditions and layering in colder seasons.

The leather is made from rich material which adds to the overall durability of the leather shirt jacket. Hence you don’t have to worry about leather tearing or chemical peeling that could often be caused by the use of poor leather grade.

As for the design and other functional elements of the leather shirt jacket, you will find much variety and elegance. You have the basic shirt collar style merged with a rib-knit collar and high-neck buttoned collar style. The buttoned closure is a common theme followed by every singular piece in this collection. Half of the shirt jackets have open hem cuffs style and the other half has a rib-knit cuff style as an ode to leather bomber jackets.

The lining and stitching, as mentioned above, are absolutely exquisite with meticulous detailing. You will find quilted viscose lining as well as polyester lining that adds much charm to the look of the shirt jacket. However, the main purpose of this lining is to serve as a protective armor from harsh weather conditions and minor abrasions.

From the hardware to the material and functional design, everything is done to perfection by our artisans. The utilitarian jackets require little to low maintenance; something key in bringing ease to your fast-paced lifestyle.

Color Variations in Leather Shirt Jacket

As far as the color scheme of the men’s leather shirt jacket collection is concerned, you will find much versatility. Hence, don’t just limit yourself to a black leather shirt jacket – a common choice for individuals with a classy and simplistic style. However, you can also opt for other colors like green, brown, blue, and distressed leather shirt jackets; the ultimate choice for pairing with a winter coat jacket. These options add nuances and flair to your everyday style.

Modern Men’s Style With A Leather Shacket

A leather shirt jacket is one of the most trending clothing styles this season. A perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe due to its easy wearability and inherent charm. You can wear a brown or black leather shirt jacket with jeans, chinos, and shorts. Use it as a piece of layering when you’re wearing a men’s wool coat, a leather blazer or a leather trench coat, or any other extravagant outerwear, like a leather duster.

At The Jacket Maker, you have a variety of outerwear to choose from. But what helps us stand out is our Custom Feature that gives our consumers a more personalized experience. From a large range of sizes to variations in embroidery and other personalized additions, use the Custom Feature to explore your style and feel your best.