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About Leather Tote Bags

Among the different leather bags, leather tote bags offer the best balance of style and functionality. They are a fantastic everyday carry option for men and women, whether they are office workers, college students, or aspiring artists. Here’s our take on this iconic leather bag design:

Leather Tote Bag Design Options

The design of a TruCarry leather tote bag with zipper can be classified as minimalistic, though it still has a very memorable appearance. The lack of overly detailed elements on these real leather tote bags works in their favor and allows them to fit perfectly in almost every professional or casual scenario. They look just as good in a supermarket as they do in an office. You also get four distinct color options to choose from. The black leather tote bag and brown leather tote bag are your universal choices with standard leather colors. Both of them work well in any situation and with any outfit. The blue leather tote bag and grey leather tote bag, on the other hand, offer unique styling opportunities and are more eye-catching.

Handmade Leather Tote Bag Customization

The minimalist design and four color options we offer are just the beginning, not the end. TruCarry is a passionate supporter of creativity in expression and our custom tote bags service backs that claim. You can take our default design and alter it any way you want as you have full control over the look of our men’s leather tote bags. This control extends to the dimensions of the bags as well. So, you can alter their size if the standard 15 inch leather tote bag is too big or too small for you.

Best Leather Tote Bag Quality

While you can alter almost any aspect of our leather tote bags, one attribute that will stay consistent is their high construction quality. We don’t compromise anything when it comes to durability and longevity. Our best leather tote bags are crafted from premium top-tier materials like the finest naturally milled cow-hide leather on the outside and premium cotton twill for lining. These full grain leather tote bags are also crafted by hand with extensive care and high quality standards. Our craftsmen ensure that bag you get has flawless stitching and fine edges. Thanks to the talented team working on them, our handmade leather tote bags stay consistently premium even if you customize their design significantly.

TruCarry Leather Bag Pricing

Want to buy our large leather tote bag for work? Well, guess what. You’ll get it at an amazingly low and fair price as we do not add unnecessary markups or hidden charges to our products. Plus, thanks to our short supply chain, the process of buying a bag is as effortless and efficient as possible.

Other Leather Bags We Offer

Check out the other types of leather bags we offer, in addition to the classic men’s and women’s leather tote bags.


TruCarry leather backpacks are a flawless mixture of form and function. They look fanatic and can have more storage space than you might think at first glance. They’re also super comfortable to wear for long hours.

Messenger Bags

Our leather messenger bags are a fantastic everyday option for office workers and students with a design that’s both minimalistic and eye-catching.


The men’s leather briefcases we offer are decided to be a reliable and secure way of transporting your belongings, even after years of use.

Duffle Bags

The TruCarry leather duffle bags are built to withstand the torture of airport baggage handling services while keeping their contents safe.


Our leather folio bags are a slim and portable way of carrying electronics, a few documents, and some stationery. If you only want to carry a laptop safely, give our leather laptop sleeves a try.