Black Leather Blazers for Men - 100% Real Leather

Our men’s black leather blazers are standalone outerwear worn in casual or semi-formal settings. They’re available in solid hues and in different leather finishes. Sometimes with subtle detail along with classic silhouettes. A men’s leather blazer is not exclusive to semi-formal settings; it’s a staple for men who seek easy wearability and timeless style.

Prominent Features of Black Leather Blazers for Men

At The Jacket Maker, you may find single-breasted black leather blazers with single and multiple button closures. Classic American black leather blazers would be single-breasted, with two buttons, flap pockets and a singular vent. The buttons are key features of a black leather blazer; made of quality plastic buttons.

You can even customize the leather blazer and attach a crest or badge on the breast pocket to make it your own — a personalized touch always increases your level of attachment with the garment, and along with that, its value. Purchase a bespoke black leather blazer for men’s capsule wardrobe curation as it will be a stylish addition that is easily accessible and will last for a long time.

How Should a Men’s Black Leather Blazer Fit?

Ideally, a leather blazer should fit like a suit. However, some people don’t mind it being slightly wider and loose in terms of length and width; for this, they opt for an oversized blazer. Our single-breasted leather blazers are structured and come with shoulder padding — adding height and an upright build to your personality. You can also find the soft lining in the black leather blazers without shoulder padding.

The Color: Never Go Wrong With Black

Black exudes power and class and has a deeper psychological impact on the man wearing it. It not only makes one look slimmer and in shape but it makes your presence more pronounced and elegant. You may go ahead and purchase a brown, grey, tan, maroon, khaki and blue blazer but the authority you can achieve from wearing a men’s leather blazer in black is unquestionable.

How To Wear A Black Leather Blazer With A Shirt And Tie?

Black leather blazers for men can be worn with a shirt and tie to create classy and posh looks. You may wear a black leather blazer with a crisp white collared shirt without any loose corners and a black tie. You may go for jeans but pick a dark shade as it will complement the rest of the look. You can dress up in this attire for casual gatherings or business meetings.

What Goes Well With A Men’s Black Leather Blazer?

You can wear literally anything with a black leather blazer. For example, a lightweight and cotton sweater shirt with chinos might work with a black leather blazer and at the same time, you can create an all-black collared-shirt and pleated pant look. You can add ties and wear them as accessories or classic sunglasses if you like.

Men’s Leather Blazer: An Essential Investment

Blazers, in general, are great outerwear options, and if one had to make an investment it would be hands down a black blazer for men. A men’s black blazer is iconic in every sense of the word; it has an inherent class and sophistication that perhaps no other outerwear can top.