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Black Hooded Bomber Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

There are very few items that manage to bridge the gap between two different facets of fashion successfully, and men’s black leather jackets with hoods are one of them. As the name suggests, these jackets combine the functionality, durability, comfort, and style of men’s leather jackets with the coolness and modernity of hoodies and the benefits that come with them. This combo is not effective on paper. But thanks to expertly crafted designs and thoughtful material consideration, this design not only works, it looks incredible. But why would you want a hood and a leather jacket in one package? Well, the main reason behind this combo is that the resulting jackets look brilliant. They are the second image of modern men’s fashion with an urban twist and a dab of suave. Secondly, the practical benefits of a men’s black hooded bomber jacket are nothing to scoff at either. A regular leather bomber jacket will protect your upper body from freezing temperatures and chilly winds, but it leaves the head completely unguarded. Sure, you can rely on beanies and scarves to cover that as well, but that adds additional hassle to your outfitting process. Hooded leather bomber jackets, on the other hand, have head protection built into the collar – eliminating the need for most winter headwear.

Men’s Black Hooded Bomber Jackets Style

Styling a men’s black hooded bomber jacket might be a bit tough at first. Do you style it as a hoodie, or do the leather side of its design take priority? The answer is neither, as you have to blend the two styles together. This might sound tough at first, but it really isn’t. For example, a black zipper hoodie would look fantastic over blue jeans, so choose a pair for your outfit. Secondly, a brown hooded bomber jacket looks great over a white hoodie, and the hoodie shines over a t-shirt, so you blend these two options and go for a turtleneck. As for the shoes, sneakers, high-tops, combat boots, etc. will work flawlessly. Another aspect of these hooded brown leather jackets aiding you in the quest for a perfect outfitting arsenal is their basic black color. It allows them to be compatible with almost any hue or shade you can wear under them. You can take advantage of this impeccable compatibility and try on experimental colors like yellow, light blue, pink, red, green, and more. Mixing these colors up in printed t-shirts and flannels is a great idea as well. Or, you can go the complete opposite route and make your all-black outfits that much more stylish. If you want to choose the second option, consider wearing tight-fit black pants and a shiny black button-up tucked into them. Top this off with a hip-high hooded bomber jacket with large front pockets and a pair of shiny black oxfords as the finishing touch. Alternatively, you can swap out the shirt for another black hoodie to add some uniqueness to your looks. Though, this might only work if the hoodie under the jacket is plain black, without much printing or labels.

Men’s Black Hooded Bomber Jacket Customization

Different pieces of black leather outerwear tend to look similar. That’s why we’ve spent great time and effort into ensuring that each man's black hooded bomber jacket feels distinct from us. However, your options are not limited to these pre-prepared designs. Get in contact if you’re looking for a jacket that’s completely unique to you with the material, finish, big and small design elements, and color of your choosing. We’re here to design and craft your custom outerwear from scratch.