Black Leather Dusters for Men - 100% Real Leather

Black leather dusters, originally made for horsemen to protect their clothing from dust, are great investment pieces; slightly experimental and functional alternatives for other types of coats. The Jacket Maker has a collection of men’s black leather dusters that are old school but extremely stylish.

Men’s Black Leather Dusters — Leather Type & Finishes

The outer shell of the leather dusters are produced using real leather; of high quality. It is further divided into two types of leather: cowhide and sheepskin. Both are used to serve different purposes and customer needs.

For example, for a more rugged look, you can opt for full-grain cowhide leather dusters. At the same time, you can buy sheepskin leather dusters if your aim is to get dusters that are soft, smooth in texture and durable as well.

Two specific kinds of leather finishing are available. Depending on your need and preference, you can choose from semi-aniline and snuffed leather dusters. Semi-aniline finish is glossier than snuffed finishing in terms of appearance. You will find that snuffed leather is a bit rough looking on the surface.

As for the lining, all men’s black leather dusters have quilted polyester lining which grants them flexibility along with high breathability.

Leather Dusters for Men — Features & Design

The features of men’s leather dusters are vast — from removable shoulder cape to shoulder flaps and epaulettes and center back vents with two snap buttons, the construction of these dusters is meticulous and spot on.

For the frontal styles, there are three options available; double-breasted buttons with a belt with a flap closure, and even some with front open and no zippers. Some dusters have a shirt-style collar. And as for the cuffs, you have the option of open hems, with or without a strap.

Color Options for Leather Dusters

If you’re interested in purchasing a leather duster in black that is distressed in appearance, we recommend you go with our Maverick Black Leather Duster. However, if you want a leather duster that is basic and black, Deux Black Leather Duster is the one for you. Apart from the regular blacks, we have a collection of distressed and brown leather dusters as well.

Styling Men’s Black Leather Dusters

Styling men’s black leather dusters can be challenging for someone who is not familiar with them. Our collection of men’s black leather dusters is cosmopolitan and fashion forward due to the specific use of hardware.

Create monochromatic outfits or step out of your comfort zone and try color blocking. Whatever you do, keep in mind to use this garment as the centerpiece and not an afterthought. It has a deluxe charm that isn’t seen in any other outerwear.

Custom Leather Dusters Available

At The Jacket Maker, leather dusters are available in their ready-to-wear collection. However, for a more personalized look, you can benefit from our custom and bespoke services. Order custom leather dusters and include personalized artwork, embellishments and threadwork. You can also ask for alterations or different types of finishing and design.