Black Suede Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

Suede Jackets are said to be the epitome of fashion. They are highly fashionable and unique when it comes to styling this very piece of outerwear. Sharing the exact same features like full-grain leather, suede leather is also durable and can last if not more black suede leather jackets are highly appreciated by many.

Suede Jacket: Material

Men’s black suede jackets are made out of real leather, which can be goatskin, sheepskin, calfskin, or cowhide. The real leather suede is durable as well as functional. As it is made from the underside of the hide. The suede possesses a softer outer surface. It is also breathable in nature.

Suede Jacket: Colors

Men’s suede jackets are a timeless classic which is not only limited to the basic colors. Apart from black and brown, suede leather is dyed the same way as real leather. Being a classic, suede leather is available in various colors, which include; green, blue, grey, and tan. These colored men’s suede jackets are stylish and fashionable in every aspect imaginable.

Black Suede Jacket Styles:

The suede jackets are available in various styles at The Jacket Maker. These suede leather jackets have mainly two types, which are biker leather jackets and leather bomber jackets for men. Both have their own uniqueness and accessibilities.

Suede Biker Jackets

The black suede biker jackets possess a dark and edgy style element. The jackets feature a notched or snap buttoned collar along with zippered cuffs and closure style. In order to ensure maximum functionality, the jacket also features waist belts when it comes to double rider jackets.

Suede Bomber Jackets

The suede bomber jackets are a cool and youthful alternative to ensure extreme style and fashion. Eaton Black Suede Bomber Jacket can be a great example of classic and contemporary from The Jacket Maker. The jacket features goatskin black suede leather along with various style elements, which include a knit rib collar and cuffs along with buttoned closure and a quilted viscose lining.

What Makes Men’s Black Suede Jackets Unique From Others?

The men’s black suede jackets are unique when it comes to the appearance of the jacket. The matte finish gives a unique and aesthetic look. The outer shell is smooth yet soft, along with these key features the jackets are also durable and can last a lifetime if maintained the right way.

How To Style Black Suede Jackets

There are many great ways in which you can style a black suede jacket. When it comes to styling a biker jacket, you can pair the classic piece with an all-black outfit along with black suede boots and let the jacket highlight the overall ensemble. For suede jackets, you can style them with a monochromatic toned outfit along with your everyday sneaker, and you’re all set to rock the world.

Custom Black Suede Jackets

The Jacket Maker provides its customers with bespoke and custom services, which states that if you want to make any changes to your black suede jacket, you have free will to ask for it. From making the jacket fit you perfectly to adding your favorite artwork on the jacket, it is all covered. If you want a Shane Black Suede Bomber Jacket but instead of zippered closure you want a button closure, The Jacket Maker is always happy to oblige.