Black Wool Coats and Jackets for Men - The Jacket Maker

Men’s black wool coats and jackets are timeless and perfect for all kinds of occasions. The Jacket Maker carries some of the best wool coats and jackets that redefine your look and enhance your appearance. Invest in quality outerwear for boosted confidence and charm.

Men’s Black Wool Coats and Jackets — Material and Look

The wool coats are made from synthetic wool whereas the jackets are a combination of leather and wool. The leather used is sheepskin for a matte and sleek look. Sheepskin leather is also flexible and durable which happens to increase its longevity and wearability. Wool is extremely comforting and a great winter fabric. The leather sleeves have semi-aniline finish making them extremely flexible with a gorgeous texture and look.

The inner shell is lined with three different types of materials: quilted polyester lining, quilted viscose lining and polyester lining. Thus, you may choose depending on your preference and need. The lining is done exceptionally well. The stitching is meticulously done along with the trimming and detailing that are equally important aspects of the outerwear production.

Black Wool Coats for Men — Design and Style

To start with, all black wool coats for men, and even jackets, are immaculate in terms of design and style. You are delivered fashion forward, cosmopolitan and contemporary outerwear that have trendy silhouettes and accents. Our collection also comprises some antique and vintage inspired designs to help you achieve the dandy look.

The men’s wool coats and jackets have snap buttons, toggle buttons, plackets, zippers and dual pullers used for the closure; ensuring you have as many options as possible. In addition to this, we have varsity style collars along with notch-collar, Nehru collar and shirt style collar with a removable hood.

There is rib knit cuff style as well as open hem with strap which gives the bomber jacket look. The Jacket Maker gives special importance to the storage and functionality of the outerwear as well so you will find four to five pockets on an average. The hemline of the jackets and coats are crafted as per the standard; can be elongated or shortened on custom orders.

Customized Black Wool Coats and Jackets for Men’s Collection

The Jacket Maker is adamant on its five promises; granting diversity and just-in-time production great importance. Thus, you can always place customized or bespoke orders for black wool jackets and coats. Add a personal element to enhance your look and make it an everyday staple. You may request for special embellishments, embroidery, artwork or any kind of patchwork. Mind you, we are committed to providing you with the best quality jackets and coats at feasible rates, and all custom orders maintain that policy.

Elegance and Timeless Style

Black is not just a color or a statement, it is a state of mind; an aura and personality. It is worn to exude confidence, power and dominance. You feel empowered and in control of yourself and your surroundings. It complements every outfit, color, and weather. You can use it to create a monochromatic outfit or color clash it with blue, yellow or even beige.

Apart from black, we have options in brown, grey, khaki and blue. Thus, if you are not interested in buying black, you can opt for industry shades or the electric blue for an instant mood booster. Vaxton Black Hybrid Varsity Jacket and Drake Black Wool Duffle Coat are some of our top-selling jackets and coats; we highly recommend them to our customers. Style them for dressy, semi-formal and casual evenings and stand out from the crowd.