Blue Bomber Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

A blue bomber jacket is a staple that every man has in his capsule wardrobe. After going through various evolutions, this military-style jacket’s origin has become a fashion statement. From punk rock stars to geeky teenagers, everyone is fond of this apparel as it makes them look charming and sophisticated.

Bomber jackets exclusively worn by pilots have seen many swaps and substitutes. For example, from unlined cotton iterations to high end Varsity Jackets, these jackets have reinvented themselves many times and will continue to do so in future.

Bomber Jackets: Stitching, Zipper and Fabric

This smart form of attire has distinctive stitching, fabric, zipper, lining, texture and colors. At The Jacket Maker, bomber jackets avoid single line stitching as it tends to be thin-threaded that loosens over time, damaging the structural integrity of the jacket. We opt for thick threads that pinch that leather attached to the zipper and other areas of the jacket. The use of thick thread increases the lifetime of the bomber jacket; a jacket that is stitched using thin threads hardly lasts a day over two years.

The fabric of the jacket is the most important part of the jacket. To identify a good quality blue bomber jacket, one must evaluate the fabric and see if it falls from the shoulder without pulling through the stretch. As far as the zipper is concerned, they must have efficient gliding. It’s always best to ensure that the zipper doesn’t get stuck in the fabric otherwise it can cause a tear. We keep all these considerations while making these jackets

Type of Leather and Maintenance

The jackets are available in different types of leather. Depending on your preference, you can go for cowhide, sheepskin or goatskin blue bomber jackets. At times, the jacket seems too glossy; but it’s not faux or fake leather since only real leather has been used. It’s simply the semi-aniline finish.

You can go for a men’s brown bomber jacket or a black bomber jacket for men or even a suede leather jacket for that matter but nothing is as refreshing and cool as a blue bomber jacket. Furthermore, always purchase flip-up collar jackets as they’re convenient and comfortable during harsh winters.

When to Wear a Blue Bomber Jacket?

When you buy an outwear, say men’s blue bomber jackets, learning how to style it becomes a big part of the process. The first rule is to always tuck in the shirt that you wear underneath; to give a sophisticated and tidy look. Moreover, their length will be shorter in comparison to other types of jackets but that gives it an edge.

Bomber jackets are always the center piece around which the rest of the outfit is decided. Deep and warm shades like a men’s red, maroon, tan or distressed bomber jacket can be paired with darker pants whereas cool and vibrant colors like blue go well with white and beige.

The leather jacket for men is versatile and can be worn in all kinds of weather. However, the choice of color varies depending on the weather conditions. For example, it’s preferable to wear cooler tones during hot summers and warm shades in winters.

Take the color blue for instance, it is a calm and balanced color making it a perfect choice for spring and summer. The rule applied to a blue bomber jacket for men’s capsule wardrobe might not be applicable to a men’s green bomber jacket; darker shades of green, like olive and sage are warm and perfect for colder seasons.

Bottomline: A blue bomber jacket for men can be used to dress down with slim-fit white jeans and a basic white t-shirt. It would be an ideal outfit for a casual evening out with friends. At the same time, a classy green bomber jacket from the men’s collection would be ideal for a semi-formal business event when paired with brown pants and a black t-shirt and suede loafers.