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Blue Cafe Racer for Men - 100% Real Leather

If you’re looking for something fashionable yet functional, our men’s blue cafe racer jackets are exactly what you need. They are exceptionally crafted as they possess both flexibility and durability. The Jacket Maker is known for producing some of the best cafe racer jackets; the electric blue is simply a bonus.

Men’s Blue Cafe Racer Jackets — Material and Appearance

Made from real leather, men’s blue cafe racer jackets are exquisitely designed and are of the highest quality. We have used full grain leather to add to the majestic look making them appeal to the masses by giving them an additional rugged appearance.

You have two options when it comes to choosing leather types: sheepskin and goatskin leather. If you want something that is subtle and rougher on the surface, go for goatskin leather jackets as they’re also considerably more durable. Sheepskin leather cafe racer jackets are ideal for individuals interested in a sharp, sleek and matte look. In comparison, sheepskin is more flexible than goatskin leather.

The Jacket Maker has opted for three different types of leather finishing to give customers variety and options to choose from. Hence, they can go for either aniline, semi-aniline or suede finish depending on personal preference. All three finishes are great in terms of texture and they bring nuance to the otherwise dull look. As for the inner lining, quilted viscose lining is used; not only is it more comfortable, it also offers increased breathability.

Blue Leather Cafe Racer Jackets for Men — Design and Silhouette

The men’s blue cafe racer jackets are cosmopolitan as well as antiqued and barfly designed. The variety is enhanced due to the use of multiple designs and silhouettes. For example, there are two options for jacket closure, you can either go for a simple zipper or bring charm with a dual puller.

The collar style has even more variety; you have banded collar with a snap button, shirt-collar and even a mandarin collar. The cuffs style is available with buttons and an open hem.

The jackets are highly functional and contain a lot of storage. There are four to five pockets overall on an average in the cafe racer jacket collection. Some jackets also have quilted shoulders and elbow pads great for protection in case of accidents and comfort in chilly weather.

Custom and Bespoke Services

From the stitching to the trimming and finishing of blue cafe racer jackets, everything is done to perfection. The designs are immaculate and show meticulous attention to detail. However, if you want to place customized orders, that option is also available, and might we add, feasible as well.

What Makes Blue Cafe Racer Jackets Unique From Other Jackets?

The blue cafe racer jackets are majestic and electric in their appearance and can be used to create multiple outfits for different occasions. However, if you want to get a cafe racer jacket in a different color, The Jacket Maker also offers cafe racer jackets for men in brown, distressed, black, tan, maroon, green and red.

But before you jump to another color, know that our blue cafe racer jackets come in a variety of undertones. You can go for the basic blue or something darker on the navy blue side. Mack Blue Leather Biker Jacket and Gatsby Blue Leather Biker Jacket are our top-selling cafe racer jackets.

Ace the Blue Cafe Racer Jacket Style

Whether you choose from our ready-to-wear collection or place customized or bespoke orders, we promise that all jackets will be fashion forward and great for creating memorable outfits. The patchwork is commendable and contemporary. Quick outfit recommendation: Pair a blue cafe racer jacket with an all-white outfit or a beige t-shirt and matching chinos to get an effortlessly stylish look.