Brown Aviator Leather Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

Looking for an exquisite men’s brown aviator jacket? You’ve come to the right place. The Jacket Maker abodes some of the best aviator jackets for men that are functional as well as stylish and sophisticated. We have jackets with shearling, faux fur and hoods; so get yourself a brown leather aviator jacket for a stylish men’s wardrobe now.

Men’s Brown Aviator Jacket: Material and Stitching

The brown leather aviator jacket for the men’s collection is made from real sheepskin and goatskin leather. Each of these jackets are meticulously designed and exhibit attention to detail. Goatskin leather jackets are more durable than sheepskin leather but the latter is softer with a matte look than the other.

You will find that the aviator jackets have suede and semi-aniline finishing; conventional and perfect for semi-formal outfits. In addition to this, you will also find some jackets with rub-off, snuffed or soft burnishing which lean more towards casual and laid-back outfits. Some have a dewy and shiny finish while others have an understated and subtle appearance.

As for the lining, there are two options available. The men’s aviator jackets have either quilted polyester lining or fully faux fur; both crucial in maintaining warmth and comfort whereas quilted polyester lining is more breathable in comparison.

Design and Features of Men’s Aviator Jackets

The fashion forward aviator jackets have exceptional silhouettes, cuts and accents. You will find three prominent closure styles; zipper, button, and zipper with button flap. As for the collar, there is rib knit, shirt (with and without removable fur), buckled, high neck, and zipper (with a button flap) style.

There are only two types of cuffs available; rib knit or roll-back, making it less complicated and over the top. Some jackets come with waist adjustment straps as well. And finally, there’s a lot of storage provided; most of them have four pockets on average.

Customized Aviator Jackets

At The Jacket Maker, you have access to the ready-to-wear collection but you can also place customized orders for a more personalized touch. We essentially work on just-in-time production which is why every jacket is made according to your measurements, and for you only — literally.

Hence, make the most from our bespoke service as we deliver custom orders with personalized artwork and embellishments on time including special orders with unique stitching and trimming requests.

Men’s Aviator Jacket in Brown; More Colors?

Although we offer multiple styles and shades of brown; like distressed and light brown, we also have a variety in black, blue, green and red aviator jackets. The Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket has a deeper, much darker undertone while AirinG-1 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket is more refreshing and lighter to the eyes.

Brown Aviator Jacket: The Most Versatile Outerwear?

You can wear a brown aviator jacket over anything. From polo shirts to collared or buttoned shirts to khaki pants and chinos to black and grey jeans. The brown aviator jacket can be used for semi-formal and casual looks all thanks to their youthful and cosmopolitan vibe. In addition to this, you can pair it with white sneakers, brown loafers, and even suede ankle boots.

The best thing about bomber or aviator jackets is that they’re used to create monochromatic looks that are both dandy and distressed, perfect for the latest trends.The earthy tone compliments every skin tone and outfit choice, making it an exceptional addition to your capsule wardrobe.

Brown aviator jackets have high insulation properties; helping you stay warm throughout the winter season. At the same time, you can wear it in summer and warmer seasons with half-sleeve shirts and v-neck t-shirts made of linen or any other thin material.