Brown Leather Blazers for Men - 100% Real Leather

There’s nothing more stylish than men’s brown leather blazers; An iconic staple worn by several famous characters on our screens. It’s the perfect apparel to look rugged and sophisticated without making any drastic changes in your wardrobe. Get your hands on brown leather blazers available at The Jacket Maker as they are robust in quality and is everything you’d ever wish for.

Leather Quality

Brown leather blazers, like khaki and tan leather blazers, are available in a variety of leather types, like cowhide, sheepskin and lambskin, etc. By opting for this color and blazer style, you can rest assured that the leather is 100% original and real. It’s best to buy real leather as it has a longer lifetime, unlike synthetic leather that can hardly last for two years without losing its appeal.

Size and Fitting of Men’s Brown Blazers

The leather blazers should ideally have a modern fit and a slim cut as they elevate your body posture and make you look taller and in shape. One should be mindful when taking the measurements for a leather blazer because it plays a crucial role in determining whether or not you’d look stylish in it or not.

Off the Rack or Bespoke Brown Leather Blazer?

It’s best to buy a tailored or bespoke leather blazer as it reduces chances of poor fitting. And even for that to work, you must take your measurements correctly. Therefore, take accurate measurements from collar to shoulder, shoulder to sleeve as well as shoulder to shoulder. Don’t forget to check and note down the width and length of your arm, chest, and waistline. A poorly structured and ill-fitted men’s brown blazer would give a shabby look, something you want to avoid.

Durability of A Men’s Leather Blazer

A men’s leather blazer is expensive and an investment you want to make after careful planning. At The Jacket Maker, you can get a brown leather blazer for as low as $300 and this blazer ranks high in terms of durability and resisting abrasions. We suggest you go for a sheepskin leather blazer because it has a smooth texture and an intensely supple material. It is also surprisingly lightweight, making it perfect for daily wear.

How To Style A Mens Brown Leather Blazer?

A brown leather blazer is retro, sophisticated and a classic staple that every man should have in his capsule wardrobe. Since it is made from supple material and fabric, you can wear it comfortably throughout the day; change postures, move around easily, lift your arms and stretch, etc.

Brown leather blazers in men’s closets are a must as they are perfect for creating business casual looks. You can style it with dark jeans, formal pants, chinos, etc. Wear t-shirts underneath the men’s leather jackets for casual evenings and collar-shirts with vests for business or formal soirees. Always wear brown dress shoes with this outfit because you want to make this look proper and tidy.

What Goes Well With A Men’s Brown Leather Blazer?

Everything about this blazer screams timeless and classic and that is a great sign as it makes it perfect for all types of weather. You can create a day-look using this garment for a casual night-look. It gives great coverage and a strong sense of personality, the way a men’s black leather blazer does.

You can pair it with sneakers, t-shirts and hats or formal shirts, pants and leather loafers and still manage to look great. This goes on to show the versatility of brown men’s blazers! The bottom-line is this: A brown leather blazer is resistant to abrasions and has long-lasting durability making it a must for every man.

What makes the color brown better than others?

First of all it doesn’t; however, it gives it an edge that only it has, and that is of versatility. You pair it with literally anything. But if you take a maroon leather blazer for instance, you’d have to think long and hard on how to synchronize it with other items in your wardrobe. Same goes for a blue and grey blazer.