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Brown Fur & Shearling Leather Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

Nothing makes a jacket feel cozier than a healthy dose of fluff, and men’s brown fur & shearling jackets prove that. The fur in these winter jackets for men isn’t just for coziness either, as it also makes the jackets look dandy. Some of these designs can make you look like the protagonist of a winter-based detective movie while also keeping you warm. This perfect balance of style and functionality is the core appeal behind the men’s brown fur & shearling jackets – making them a must-have for men living in a cold climate. The best part about something like a men’s shearling bomber jacket is that it makes winter fashion easy. Usually, you would have to wear multiple layers to stay adequately warm. But the best men’s brown fur & shearling jackets can do the job on their own. So, you can display your favorite shirt without having to cover it up with something along the lines of a woolen sweater. Not to mention the sharp style of outerwear like the men’s leather trench coat with brown or white faux fur that automatically transforms your looks into a certified gentleman.

Men’s Brown Fur & Shearling Style

The simplicity of most brown fur & shearling jacket designs might lead you to believe that their outfits would be just as simple and maybe even bland. But this cannot be further from the truth. The straightforward designs of most men’s shearling coats are actually their biggest strength that lets you get wild with your outfit crafts. The best example of these styling options is a basic all-white outfit with white pants, sneakers, and button-up paired with a large brown coat with white fur. Alternatively, if you want more color in your outfit, then why not rock a dark brown men’s leather jacket with black faux fur lining over a colorful maroon flannel and bright blue jeans. Complete this ensemble with matching dark brown sneakers, and you’ve got the ultimate winter casual outfit. A brilliant sub-category of fluffy leather jackets is the biker leather jackets with their impeccable style, angular designs, and an unbelievably fantastic matchup with faux fur. These are also the perfect outerwear for winter parties, thanks to their flamboyant looks. Plus, all you need to style them with suave is a solid V-neck t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. On the other side of the brown fur & shearling spectrum are the fur-lined coats. Rock them over a gray t-shirt tucked into charcoal cargo pants, and you’ll look badass without compromising comfort and cold protection. Want to look like you mean business? Wear the same brown trench coat over a pair of khakis and a white button-up. Introduce a cream-colored woolen sweater as the middle layer and match the high-top sneaker colors with the coat. You can even include a blue tie to turn this smart casual outfit into something you can wear to work.

Custom Men’s Brown Fur & Shearling

Leather jackets are all about versatility and a strong fashion identity – no matter their type, color, or design. This is why we offer a wide variety of fur & shearling leather jackets, each bringing something unique to your wardrobe. However, you might still not find the exact jacket you’re looking for, and that’s fine. Just get in contact with our design team, and they’ll bring your dream leather jacket to life. Maybe you want a black faux fur jacket with gold zippers and buttons, or you want a white leather bomber jacket with dense white fur; whatever it is, we can craft it for you.