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Brown Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

Biker leather jackets have been a men’s fashion staple for quite some time now. They emit confident, masculine energy that is difficult to replicate with any other outerwear, thanks to their past association with hardcore biker gangs and larger-than-life action movie stars. Even if you don’t care about the badass vibe of these jackets, their style and universal compatibility alone are enough to make them a must-have. Now, you can go with the extremely popular black leather motorcycle jackets for their unmatched style and effortless outfitting. Or, you can make this decision a bit more interesting by choosing one of the many diverse shades of men’s brown leather motorcycle jackets. Making brown men’s leather jackets a part of your existing wardrobe will offer tons of opportunities for unique and expressive fashion while also offering a strong collection of easy to master everyday outfits. Most shades of men’s brown leather jackets are also the perfect middle ground between unconventional and vibrant colors like maroon and the basic black – making them ideal for everything from business casual to street style.

Styling Men’s Brown Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Unlike black double rider jackets that can all be grouped together and outfitted with very similar clothes, brown jackets are much more dependent on their unique shade. If you do want compatibility similar to a black jacket, then dark brown is the way to go. The ideal pairing for dark brown cafe racer jackets involves blue jeans, light-colored shirts, and dark footwear. So, an ideal example of such an outfit will feature a pair of navy blue straight cut jeans, an off-white V-neck, and black high-top sneakers. Similarly, you can rock a dark brown suede jacket with charcoal chinos, a light blue button-up, black leather shoes, and a black tie for an outfit that’s extremely polished without going against most office dress codes. Alternatively, if you’re willing to put in some extra work and create a distinct style identity for yourself, look no further than distressed brown genuine leather motorcycle jackets. The biggest benefit of this particular shade of brown is that your jacket looks old and antique. This, in turn, gives you a brilliant opportunity to blend the old with the contemporary. For example, wearing a distressed brown shearling jacket atop a light gray turtleneck and black tight-fit ripped jeans. Or you can just go the easy route and let the jacket do the bidding by surrounding it with dark or even all-black clothes. Distressed brown jackets are also the perfect outerwear for recreating an authentic biker look. The star of the show here is the equally distressed straight-cut blue jeans and a pair of roughed-up black leather shoes. As for the shirt, something as basic as a black tank top is more than enough. Though, you can step a bit further and rock a black crew neck t-shirt with a colorful metal print. Also, make sure to accessorize with silver rings, bracelets, and chains. If it’s wintertime, then a beanie and matching scarf is a necessary addition to complete the look.

Custom Men’s Brown Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Leather moto jackets have a vast design history, and we intend to preserve this history with our wide-ranging collection of men’s brown leather motorcycle jackets. However, this pre-designed collection is only a teaser for our jacket-making capabilities, as we can craft you a custom motorcycle jacket in any color and leather finish you want. You can even decide on smaller details like the color of the zippers and the location of metallic details like chains and studs. Not to mention the benefits of getting a perfect fit.