Men’s Brown Leather Vests

Looking for a change? Hoping to refresh your look with an instant fix? A men’s brown leather vest is exactly what you need. Leather vests are great investments as they can be useful and come handy while creating semi-formal outfits. The Jacket Maker is home to some exquisitely designed and intricately woven leather vests; a perfect place to start.

Brown Leather Vest — From Material to Finishing and Inner Shell

The vests are available in nylon and real leather — with real leather available in cowhide, sheepskin and goatskin leather; making room for a variety of options to choose from. Hence, when you’re making the decision, figure out the need.

If you’re looking for a vest that is durable and slightly more rugged looking, go for a cowhide leather vest. At the same time, if your priority is to find a leather vest that is smooth in texture as well as durable and comes with a luxurious look, a sheepskin leather vest is the way to go.

Furthermore, leather finishing is an important aspect when purchasing a leather product since it dictates the overall look and appearance. At The Jacket Maker, we have three types of leather finishes being offered in regards to leather vests for men. You can either choose from pull-up, semi-aniline and suede finishing. If you want a leather vest that has a slightly oily and shiny finish, pull-up is your choice. But if you want something more subtle and textured, suede is the one for you.

The inner lining is an essential part of the garment; viscose and quilted viscose lining are both great in terms of breathability, warmth and comfort.

Brown Leather Vests for Men — Design & Features

The structure and design of the vests is unique and contemporary. The men’s brown leather vest collection is perfectly crafted and highlights delicate features that offer various functionalities. Hence, you have multiple closure styles being offered, like zippers alone, buttons, and zippers with button flaps. In addition to this, you also get several pockets for increased storage — ranging from two to nine pockets with complementary d-rings.

Some leather vests are also installed with real leather trims on the shoulder and pockets along with waist adjustment straps. As for the collar style, you get a band style collar or a notch with a removable throat latch. The accent and silhouettes are exquisitely designed, helping the vest become fashion forward and antique looking at the same time.

Men’s Leather Vests in Brown — More Color Options?

Even within the spectrum of browns, you have variety which is commendable. Therefore, you get the basic brown leather vest, like our safari brown leather vest, or a brown vest which is more on the distressed or tan side. However, if you’re not inspired enough by this color, you can choose from black, blue, green, red, tan and grey leather vests.

Leather Vests — In Style or Out?

Leather vests are never out of style — especially not now since the trend is buzzing and becoming a rage in the fashion world. The most obvious reason is its versatility and ability to go with literally anything and everything.

Bespoke & Custom Service Orders

At The Jacket Maker, you have options to get bespoke and customized leather vests. We make leather just for you and only you due to our in-time facility. Thus, if you’re ever interested in a brown embroidered leather vest, you can place an order for your choice. You may also add artwork, embellishments or any kind of patchwork from stitching to trimming and even finishing to add a personalized element to your vest.