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Brown Winter Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

The Jacket Maker offers brown winter jackets that perform exceptionally well against tricky weather conditions. A robust leather winter jacket should ideally be composed of a weather-proof outer shell and that is exactly what you can expect from our skilful craftsmen. Thus, survive cold and rainy weather with our exquisite men’s winter collection.

Men’s Brown Winter Jackets: Leather Type and Finishing

Our signature jackets are designed by first-rate talent, and they use goatskin, sheepskin and cowhide leather. The outer shell is responsible for protecting the wearer from extreme weather conditions, wool, real leather, and shearling fur are the trusted choice. Since the leather used by our craftsmen is real, the jackets can last you a lifetime granting proper care and maintenance.

To maintain the stretchability of the men’s leather jackets without compromising on their water-proof and windproof properties, the inner shell of the jackets are composed of polyester lining, full faux fur lining or quilted viscose lining. In addition, suede, snuffed, pull-up, burnishing and semi-aniline finishing are used in the production of our jackets. The purpose is to embellish the leather by giving it a definite shine and color. Apart from protecting the leather, the leather finishing is also important in giving it the right look.

Men’s Brown Leather Winter Jackets: Design and Stitching

As far as the design and look of the jackets is concerned, special attention is paid to the accent, hemline and silhouette of the jackets. Our brown leather winter jackets are fashion forward and cosmopolitan. On one hand you may find jackets that are dandy and distressed, and on the other hand, you’ll be exposed to barfly style jackets that are grunge and eccentric. There are options for wearers who prefer rustic and country jackets as well as for wearers interested in buying antique and vintage winter outerwear.

The brown winter jackets are highly versatile and functional. You could be looking for a casual brown winter leather jacket to wear out on a hunting trip or a much more technical sportswear with pockets for a smart casual event, rest assured you will have options. Pockets are essential when it comes to winter jackets and that is why we maintain at least five to six pockets along with waist adjustable straps. Some of our jackets also have shoulder epaulettes to add a ceremonial touch.

Button and a zipper with and without a button flap and/or waist belt are optimized to design the closure style of the garment. For the collar, you will find much variety; notch with and without removable fur, high neck, buckled and shirt. For the cuffs, open hem, roll-back and button are available. The stitching, trimming and furnishing of the brown winter jackets for men’s wardrobe are done to perfection.

Best Brown Winter Jackets for Men

At The Jacket Maker, you will find a sleek selection of black and brown winter jackets for men with exquisite thread work and embellishments. Although ready-to-wear options are available, wearers can also find made-to-measure and bespoke services. Place customized orders to make the winter jackets more personalized and unique. Seek help from our designers and stylists to add a personal touch to your monochrome outerwear with the use of specific patchwork or hardware.

How to Wear a Men’s Brown Winter Jacket?

Wondering how to wear our exquisite collection of men’s brown winter jackets? You can go for an all-brown monochrome look by pairing it with similar toned pants and shirt. Basically, brown jackets can be worn with the same principles as the men’s black winter jacket - there are no ground rules as such. However, the same can’t be claimed when a blue winter jacket for men or a green winter jacket come into the picture. And that is why we believe in the brown winter jacket supremacy.