Distressed Cafe Racer for Men - 100% Real Leather

Men’s distressed cafe racer jackets are a classic example of timelessness. Being a domain of the biker jacket, the cafe racer offers various features and functionalities. The very core of this type of leather jacket is that it can be easily styled in various ways and with many outfits.


The men’s distressed cafe racer jackets are made out of real leather, which can be of any material. Either be it a goatskin, sheepskin, or cowhide. The real leather is durable and sturdy in nature. Sometimes, due to the tanning process, the leather can also be made water-resistant. The leather also features various finishes, which include, distressed, snuffed, and burnished. The distressed cafe racer jackets sustain a vintage look which makes the overall ensemble attractive.

Distressed Colors:

Being vintage-like doesn’t mean that the distressed finish can only be found in earthy colors, be it black, brown, or grey. The distressed cafe racer jackets can be of any color as long as they feature an aged appearance. Distressed Cafe Racers can be of brown, black, maroon, green, blue, tan, and red.


Distressed is a leather finish that features an aged appearance. Sometimes, the finish can also be referred to as rustic when it comes to the color brown, a great example of this is Rustic Brown Leather Biker Jacket, the rustic finish gives the overall look of a vintage leather jacket. Another finish that is only applicable to the cowhide leather is a pull-up finish. This aniline leather is dyed in order to obtain the most vibrant colors. Darren Brown Leather Biker Jacket features pull-up cowhide leather.


The distressed cafe racer jacket features many functionalities along with exclusive hardware. The cafe racer jackets start from having a snap buttoned collar to a notched collar, from quilted polyester lining to quilted viscose lining. And from belt closure to zippered closure.

What to Consider Before Buying Distressed Cafe Racer Jackets?

Before buying a distressed cafe racer jacket, there are various things to keep in mind, which includes opting for real leather. Nobody likes an item made of fake leather, the real leather the better the quality. Distressed finished leather jackets need to look like vintage, hence having an aged appearance.


When you buy a leather jacket, there should be one thing you need to consider, the fit. The jacket needs to fit you like a glove. The Jacket Maker provides made to measure services which lets you tailor your leather jackets which can fit you perfectly. Along with this, you can also customize the jacket however and whichever way you want, From funky artwork to stylish embroidery. If you want an Ionic Distressed Brown Leather Biker Jacket but instead of zippered cuffs you want a snap button, The Jacket Maker can make it happen easily.