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Distressed Fur & Shearling Coats for Men - 100% Real Leather

The burnt finish has been in awe for a while now, The fashion industry possesses this vintage look when it comes to leather. The distressed finish in leather is unique and appealing. Winter clothing is an essential part of anybody’s wardrobe and Men’s Distressed Fur & Shearling Coats can be said as a must-have item in every capsule wardrobe.

What is Fur?

Fur has been widely used by people, they can be found in various animals depending upon its luxe appearance, real fur can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The most common type of fur is sheepskin which is widely available. But due to the revolutionary changes, faux fur is one of the most common at this time. Due to its durability along with cost-effectiveness, the fur is used by many fashion brands.

What is Shearling

Shearling is a tanned sheepskin pelt that is sheared in order to obtain the same intensity of sheepskin to keep the wearer warm enough in winters. Shearling is widely used in apparel despite being expensive in nature. Nowadays, faux shearling is swapping real shearling with its exact match properties with cost-effectiveness.

Which Fur & Shearling is Better?

When it comes to style, there is no limit. Shearling is available in various styles and types, the main two are real and faux. Real fur is expensive, durable, and has the functionality to insulate the wearer properly. Whereas faux fur looks exactly the same and has the same function. The faux fur provides equal warmth when compared to real fur. Faux fur is less expensive, hence making the leather coats affordable and easier to buy.

Shearing & Fur Coats: Colors

Fur & Shearling comes in a variety of colors, sometimes they are natural and sometimes they are dyed. Distressed fur & shearling coats sometimes feature dual-tone fur which highlights the overall look of the coat. The fur features various monotone colors which include, brown, black, tan, and white. Depending upon the base of the coat. The distressed finish sometimes gives a visual of black on brown which highlights the coat when paired with a black fur line.

Burnished Distressed Fur & Shearling Coat

Distressed is a finish of real leather. Burnished is an attribute of that finish. In simple words, a burnished finish features a fiery nature, with an aged appearance that gives off a vintage look. The leather is dyed accordingly, in order to make it look worn and antique.

Snuffed Distressed Fur & Shearling Coat

It is also another type of distressed leather, snuffed appearance is obtained by the process of abrasion, which means that the top surface of the leather is removed.

How to Style a Distressed Fur & Shearling Coat?

Styling a distressed real leather fur coat comes with various options. Depending upon the features as well as the color of the coat. The features include either the coat is of burnishing or snuffed finish. The Cinnamon Distressed Leather Fur Coat features a burnishing finish, with cinnamon-brown color. You can easily style this aesthetic item with an all-black outfit along with brown suede shoes and the coat will definitely radiate the overall ensemble.

Custom Distressed Fur & Shearling Coat

When it comes to customization, The Jacket Maker offers an epic bespoke process that includes tailoring your coats to having ghetto artworks. If you want to buy a Rocky Brown Fur Leather Coat , The Jacket Maker can make it happen very easily.