Distressed Leather Dusters for Men - 100% Real Leather

The leather dusters are said to be a style element that is widely used by many people. They possess a classy nature that radiates the wearer’s personality. Men’s Distressed Leather Dusters are however different from an ordinary leather duster coat. With its unique finish, the coat gives a certain aesthetic vibe.

Men’s Distressed Leather Dusters: Colors and Materials

The distressed leather duster is available in real leather, full-grain being the grade. The hides used in manufacturing are mainly Sheepskin due to their softer as well as durable nature. The duster is also available in various leather types and finishes.

Leather Duster: Finishes

There are many finishes when it comes to leather, dispensing upon the appearance of the upper layer. Some of the main finishes are, aniline, semi-aniline, snuffed, and distressed. The finish of the leather basically enhances the style element of the outerwear.

Colors of The Leather Duster

At The Jacket Maker, the two most popular colors are available when it comes to distressed leather duster , Men’s Black Leather Duster being the most popular choice of many as it is a universal color, that can be styled with almost anything, and Men’s Brown Leather Duster, for those who like an earthy touch to add in their wardrobe. The colors vary from finish to finish, semi-aniline has a smooth finish, hence the color will be more vivid. A distressed or snuffed finish has a somewhat burnt appearance which makes the color a bit washed out, like the snuffed finish in Classic Distressed Black Leather Duster.

Features Of The Leather Duster

Features play a vital role while opting for the ultimate duster, many features alternate from one another, just like closure style. The buttoned closure is said to be convenient for some but does not insulate the human body entirely. The belted closure seals the torso entirely, hence keeping the chilly winds out, but is hard to manage due to the length of the duster. The Maverick Black Leather Duster features a flap closure with buttoned style along with quilted viscose lining. This can be an example of insulation as well as accessibility.

Styling Men’s Distressed Leather Dusters

If we talk about styling a distressed leather duster, there are more than many options available. Depending upon the color you choose, for black, you can easily style the duster with monochromatic apparel, or mainly anything you wear can be pulled off via the black distressed leather duster. For brown coat, shoes play an important role. You can wear anything that matches brown shoes, wearing an all-black attire along with brown shoes and coats highlights the overall ensemble.

Custom Distressed Dusters

Having the right size is what matters the most when it comes to buying any leather apparel, especially a duster. Some people have a heavy torso but short height and some have a thin body but tall in height. Having the right length as well as the right size can be said to be the most important of all before buying one. The Jacket Maker offers customized products including leather dusters in various genres. Either you’d like artwork on your duster, or you would want it to be exactly tailored, or even both. Customization of any apparel in terms of measurements or even material highlights the overall look of the wearer.

Are Distressed Leather Dusters in Fashion

Yes! The leather duster duster has been around the human race since the 19th century, the functionality however has changed with time. The dusters were previously worn by horsemen having certain functionality. Today, the dusters are known for their rugged looks and the styling element they offer.