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Distressed Leather Jacket for Men

Distressed Leather Jackets are a stylish piece of staple that needs to be in everyone’s capsule wardrobe. Leather jackets have been in awe of many since decades, while providing contemporary style to various men and women. If we look closely at the spectrum, the leather jackets have various types, styles and finishes. And when it comes to classic and contemporary style, distressed leather jackets are the one most famous. Distressed is a finish that makes the jacket look aged and vintage, that helps in radiating the overall outfit of the wearer.

Types of Leather used in Distressed Leather Jacket

Distressed mens leather jacket is made up of real full grain leather, that can last up to decades. The leather used in making the jacket can be either of cowhide, goat skin, sheepskin, or calfskin. Every leather has different characteristics, cowhide being the thickest of all is the most durable and is commonly used in making performance based leather jackets. Cowhide and goatskin are thicker materials when compared to sheep and calfskin. Men’s distressed leather jackets are a style staple that adapts a certain patina over time, hence making the jacket look more fashionable and stylish. Distressed finish makes a rugged leather jacket through its processing, the use of wax and oil makes the jacket resistant to water and nourishes the leather that exudes the overall look of the jacket.

Color Variations Available in Distressed Leather Jacket

Weathered leather jackets have an extraordinary line when it comes to choosing colors in the color spectrum. Black, brown and burgundy being the classic of all. Brown distressed leather jackets have a matte finish to it which makes the jacket look aged and weathered, whereas a brown leather jacket is one of the most iconic pieces when it comes to distressed finish. The shade of brown that the distressed finish exhibits is one that refers exactly to the vintage style. Apart from the usual, these rough leather jackets are available in various colors, including red, maroon, green. Navy blue and tan.

Styles of Distressed Leather Jackets

Distressed leather is a characteristic that defines a finish of the leather. The jacket can be of any style that can feature a distressed finish. Be it a distressed leather bomber jacket or a leather motorcycle jacket or even distressed leather coat. The very finish can be applied to any style staple that is made up of real leather. The Jacket Maker’s collection include a vast variety of distressed bomber and leather biker jackets. Distressed brown leather bomber jacket mens being the most iconic of them all. The jacket provides a style element that fashion enthusiasts crave for.

Tips for Caring Distressed Leather?

Leather jackets have the capability to last for decades, but that requires care and maintenance of the leather. Care for distressed leather is simple, and is the same as any regular leather jacket. You can use dedicated leather cleaners in order to clean the stains and conditioners to make the leather shine like it just came out of the factory. The leather cleaners can be made at home, and coconut oil can be used in order to condition the leather. The jacket also requires some effort while storing it. The jacket needs to be stored in a bag and preferably needs to be hanged rather than being folded. This is how you can easily make the jacket last for up to decades.

Get Your Custom Distressed Leather Jacket

The jacket maker provides bespoke services that allow you to customize your leather jacket in every way possible. From made to measure to having funky artworks on the jacket, The Jacket Maker has it covered.